Backblast 03/28/2018 Do you feel LUCKY?!

24 of Kernersville’s most wanted, I mean most eligible, no never mind, here is the list:  Spicoli, Lucky Charms, Crawldaddy, Tenderfoot, Fortran, HighHeels, Sludge, Pacer, Epstein, Flounder, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Yorkie, Kickback, YoYo, Dr Evil, REDHAWT, Special Ed, Dean, Kay, Tardy, Checkbook, Mulligan, and your Q, FannyPack!

With no FNG and worlds shortest disclaimer that suing anyone is BAAAD, okay?  We mosey’d up to the middle of the upper lot for Warm O’Rama.  About 2/3rd of the way through our Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods, Abe Vigodas, Abe Vigoda pickin cottons and possibly something else I made up on the spot, Tardy joined us, fully warmed up and ready to go!  Rumor has it he just hates WarmO’Rama?

The THANG was to break up into groups of 3, 6 pain stations, roll the dice for your group and move to that station.  Each station had two exercises, AMRAP for 1 minute each.

Station 1:  Monkey Humpers / Carolina Drydocks (Your triceps are probably still thanking you for this, I know mine were against moving after I got home, even for coffee!?)

Station 2:  Irkins / Incline rows (Builds forearms to rivel Popeye!!)

Station 3:  Step Ups / Dips (Stupid Triceps, we hates you!!)

Station 4:  Balls to the Wall / Wall Sit  (Apparently early on Station 4 was the “Light Pole Lean” workout modification.  When my team actually got there I remembered I was supposed to post that Station all the way down by the building where the BTTW and Wall Sit would have made more sense than in the middle of the parking lot next to a single light pole?)

  (Are we doing this right?)

Station 5:  Plank / Reverse Plank (Reverse Plank “modification” looked a LOT like sitting on your SIX waiting for the minute to be over??)  This is a bit more of how I think it is supposed to look!

Station 6: LBCs / Side Straddle Hops (Where Gilmore did Gilmore things and apparently shook some things loose as shouts of ‘we got a runner’ was heard in the final 2 minutes?)

So the answer regarding the question DO WE FEEL LUCKY…appears to be NO.  Not sure if any of our teams of three bothered rolling dice more than one or two times before modifying and picking what looked new and interesting next!!  Based on our team and the others we encountered I think everyone made it to each station about twice?  So next time I will just leave the dice at home and instead implement an easy to follow diagram of which station to go to next!   (FloRida will be so proud!!)

Announcements:  Looking for DevotionQ for April, and huge T-claps to Epstein for leading in March!

Prayers for Twiddy family in their loss and Robin Baker’s family during their time of grief.