Backblast – Poison Ivey – Bauhaus – less is more – Weds 3/21/18

Bauhaus – Less is more – Weds 3/21/18

Definition of Bauhaus

: of, relating to, or influenced by a school of design noted especially for a program that synthesized technology, craftsmanship, and design aesthetics




Pax: Lucky Charms, Check Book, Trampstamp, Flounder, Gilmore, K, Dr. Evil, Dean, Sludge, Epstein, Yorkie, Kickback, Tarde, Chipper, Fortran, Hardy, Deliverance, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

17 unwitting, disgrunteled and befudeled Pax gathered in the gloom (or so I’m told).  Then mosey’d to the upper lot led by Herr Docktor. Evil (thanks)..  Upon arrival they warmed up as follows:  25 SSH IC, Sun Gods sob style 25IC (reversed), Abe Vigotas 10 IC,  Mt. Klimbers 20 IC, Imperial Walkers 25 IC… the Q then did slight mosey to 15 Irkins before heading to Convelecence HQ.****

**** Little did the pax know, that the entire time they were being watched by the QIC (hiding in the dugout – you didn’t hear him because he drives a Prius).  The appearance of being late was to observe the classic Freudian experiment to see how fast a group will turn on itself when a leader does not show up.  The results were as expected and quite shocking.  Humanity at its most crude and unsightly.  My thesis will take years to process.

The Thang:

Pax was pushed into the following 30X with Wall sit for 30sec after each :

S – Split Jacks

C – Crab Cakes

H – High Knees

N – Nolan Ryans

E – Erkins

L – Low Flutters

L – Lunges

Pax then took a lap represented by this sculpture.

Then proceeded to 30x following with 30 second plank as rest:

D – Derkins

U – Gorilla HUmpers

M – Merkins

B – Barishnikovs

K – Zebra Kicks

O – Overhead Claps

F – Frankenstiens

F – Four by Fours (10)

Pax then took an additional lap as depicted by this painting..

A smooth transition was then had into Mary:

10 Freddie Merc, 10 LBC’s, Supermans – Ironman and regular, Cruchy Frogs 10, American Hammers 15.

Ironically this is the exact same Q that was being done at F3 Munich this morning:

Praises  – Chipper advised his father was getting better and hopes to be out of ICU this week.

Gilmore led us out.

I leave you with this sculpture of a kitten fighting against the oppressive forces of modern industrialization..

This should keep me off the Q sheet for a while…

Always a pleasure – Crawdaddy