Pain in the Park, Gimme Shelter

Pax:Epstein, Checkbook, Tarde, Crawdaddy, Blue Hen, Yorkie, KJ, Redhot, Lucky Charm, FloRida, Fortran, Sprinkler, Tramp Stamp, Kickback (FNG, Bob Bruno), Dr. Evil

Count ’em, 16 with the Q

Sixteen Pax obeyed the signage and parked next to the basketball court to assemble for today’s togetherness in better weather than in a long time.  We moseyed all of the way to the tennis courts that looked a lot like a basketball court for:


  • Side straddle slides, 25IC –instantly the FNG was welcomed with the mumblechatter regarding Jane Fonda Workouts…let’s just say that some of the pax probably have the box set…

Image result for hot jane fonda aerobics

  • Sungods, 30IC, Sobriety Style, Reverso, still, the mumblechatter on just the forwards….
  • Abe Vigodas, 15IC no Gilmore to critique the speed..
  • Cotton Pickers, 15IC
  • Imperial Walkers, 20 IC  At this point the Pax was tired of warmarama, calling the end count, 1, 2, 3, ….so we moseyed to the familiar habitat of YHC over the last 3.5 months…

The Thang, in the convalescent center

  • Step Ups, Tabata Style
    • 35 seconds on
    • 25 seconds slow in place, or simply head down on the bench….tclaps to Crawdaddy for doing irkins between rounds AND Kickback for hanging in there
  •  Epstein figured out a way to make it a bit easier…

Image result for step ups suck

  • 24 Rounds, so simple….maybe a bit easier than it sounds?
  • Round 1:  much mumblechatter
  • Round 24: much mumbling
  • Plank
    • 8 minutes
    • Try not to arch, sag, or go one armed

Image result for worn out in tabata

    • Some of us had additional help with the intensity when the Q suggested KJ to ride Yorkie….it’s only 420 seconds.  You can do anything for 420 seconds, right??

Image result for kid on rodeo bull



  • Pretzel Crunches, 15 IC
  • Cindy Crawford’s, 15 IC
  • Box Cutters, 15IC
  • Twenty ones
    • 21 LBC’s, 21 Freddy Mercury’s (IC)
    • Repeat for 20 count, work your way to 1 of each–called for time, and lack of effort/participation by some of the Pax
  • American Hammer, 35 IC

Announcements/Prayer Concerns:

  • Congrats for Tarde, 6 workouts, High Point 2x and Kernersville (4)
  • Yorkie’s father in law, ringing and lack of sleep for a month, Gary
  • John from Ecolab, hopefully finally coming back to the States
  • Sprinkler’s co-worker’s father passed, Tracy Walker
  • Chris Partin, seizures, pastor, needs them to pass
  • Chipper and his family
  • Angle Iron, needs additional work for spring break
  • Deliverance, heart issues, stress test on Monday

Welcome to “Kickback” (thanks, Sprinkler, well done):  Bob Bruno, from NY, Wake Forest alum, married 30 years to Teresa who hates law, Woody’s son in Boston and married, less golf more work, purchasing….Kickback.  Sorry, Redhot, but FloRida really likes it and it’s poetic.  “Mulligan 2” was dismissed, though Lucky Charm suggested that under the new guidelines and current precedents we really have until Tuesday to officially name him.  Thanks also to Sprinkler for pointing out that Redhot’s shirt, like Crankbait, was inside out….

Image result for kickback definition

B3 tomorrow night at Lowe’s, 5-7 pm, at the Beer Den.  Bring a friend…or someone wandering around the parking lot.

Thanks to Fortran who, in addition to leading us out, made it exceedling awkward in the COT by deciding after we had already made the ‘ball of man” to recite the Gettysburg Address AND let us know about the lunch at MSUMC on Sunday to support mission trips.

Always an honor, I hope it was sufficiently sucky/challenging for the Pax.

Dr. Evil

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