Back Blast – Friday March 16th Far Side of the Moon

22/23 Pax members + a returning Q posted on this cool, beautiful NCAA Tournament morning.

Pax:  Red Hot, Tardy, Special Ed, Thin Mint, Mulligan, Fortran, Flounder, FloRida, Dean, Kay, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Lucky Charms, Pacer, Tramp Stamp, Fortran, Blue Hen, Hardy, Deliverance, Tender Foot, Gilmore, and briefly…Check Book?

5:28 pre trash talk included a reference to Kay’s 2018 Winter Olympics gear when it was 45 degrees, as well as a concern that he might fall into the crack  in the sidewalk! Q does not permit a lengthy “rebound” joke from Gilmore.

Mosey: Warmo

SSH X 15, Seam Stretchers X 15, Mountain Climbers X 10 (mumble chatter re Warmo), Hillbilly’s X 15, Monkey Humpers X 15

Mosey: Pair up at the Q’s favorite place – baseball field

The Thang: Hill Runs X 2 , while partners complete: 40 Prisoner Get ups, 75 Merkins, 100 WW1’s, 150 Squats. (Evil is impressive in return to running, but makes Far Side feel bad when he says, “You know Gilmore is my  partner. ” Far  Side asks for a definition of “partner”, and joins them anyway. )

Mosey  to benches: Mumble chatter on running. 10 Step Up/Dips reduced to 5 by Q. Dean questions this ballsy move and insinuates that the Q is “winging it”. Q smiles and tells Dean to “kiss his grits” and starts humming “Roxanne”.  Dean settles down…finally.

Long mosey to tennis courts…I mean basketball court.  Partners complete Suicides (2) while partner does Wall Sits, Bobby Hurley’s (Go Rhode Island!), and Infield Sliders. Gilmore notes that he  now understands why he wasn’t an infielder.

Mosey 8 feet to parking lot to listen to The  Police in concert.  Roxanne returns…Q reflects and is thankful as it has been a LONG time since he has been healthy enough to bring his “A” game on this one.  Check!

Mosey 8 feet to “tennis courts”. Mumble chatter on why don’t we stay in a MOM circle. Q disregards knowing that a 10 second walk  is helping Florida who previously  says, “Hey Far Side, this Q probably looked better on paper!'”

MOM: Flutter Kicks led by Evil (slowly F*&!!), Nolan Ryan’s (Robin Ventura’s), Cindy Crawford’s, and American  Hammers.

Announcements: Dean – a podiatry question related to Seargent Hulka (The Big Toe).


Prayers: Tom’s C. dad, Steve’s General Manager, Allen from Arts for Life, Chipper prayer concerns, Yorkie -prayer concerns.

My honor gents,

Far Side



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