“Island Time” – Poison Ivey Backblast 3/14/2018


YHC knew it was gonna be a special morning when Fergie, AND Giselle,  AND Yorkie showed up!  Nice to see Dr. Evil making progress and getting out of the convalescent center to run with the Pax.

Image result for welcome back meme

Great to see we haven’t scared off Mulligan (yet), and he just keeps coming back.  He must be giving us a bunch of do-overs.

And it went a little somethin’ like this…


  • Side straddle hops, 25 IC
  • Side windmill thingys x10IC (borrowed from Yorkie at High Point – thanks!)
  • Nancy Kerrigan, 10 IC forward, then reverso for another 10 IC
  • Hill Billy’s, 25 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the Volcano: 5x up and down the hill. 1 burpee at the top and 1 burpee at the bottom, for a total of just 10 burpees.  Easy.

Epstein in speedos, showing off his BUTTERFLY TRAMP STAMP

Mosey to the top parking lot for Island Time…with classic Hawaiian music echoing about…

We divided into 4 groups.  Instructions were to leisurely travel the parking lot ocean, randomly stopping at islands along the way.  Look for the islands inhabited by cones, with workout instructions plus directions on mode of travel to the next island.  Don’t rush through the exercises.  Don’t worry about reps.  Concentrate on good form (Flo-Rida form) and full range of motion.  Take it easy, you’re on island time…

The islands:

  • crab cakes x20IC, lunge to next island
  • monkey humpers x20IC, bear crawl to next island
  • inch worm around island, crab walk to next island
  • LBC’s x20IC, then traveling Lt. Dans to next island
  • hand release merkins x15, lunge to next island
  • moon gods x5 each side, then run the volcano x5 (with 1 burpee at top and bottom)

PLUS, there was a hidden Fantasy island behind the baseball concession stand, consisting of derkins x10, step ups x10 (each leg), and irkins x10, followed by mosey to the next island.

Tenderfoot on Fantasy Island.

The island with moon gods followed by a volcano was a #crowdpleaser.  I knew it was a winner when I overheard Sludge and Kay strategize to avoid a return, while simultaneously encouraging/goading others to go to that particular island.   I can guarantee you’ll see this island again.

Kay and Sludge plotting to avoid the island with the Moon Gods and Volcano

Speaking of volcanos, there were reports of an major gas eruption experienced by one of the groups, while crabwalking from island to island.

Mt. Gilmore

Hardy did a nice job of counting for his group:

Hardy, all you got to do is count 1, 2, 3, like Sprinkler

Lucky Charms showed his natural leadership skills:

Lucky Charms and his entourage, heading off to rescue Fortran and Checkbook.


  • Nolan Ryan x10IC each side
  • Freddie Mercury x25
  • Cindy Crawford x10IC each side
  • Low Slow Flutters x25
  • AH – x19IC


  • Count-o-rama: 22 with the Q
  • Name-o-rama: Epstein, Fortran, Red Hott, Dr. Evil (DL), Spinkler, Yorkie, Crawdaddy, Kay, Hardy, Tramp Stamp, Dean, Tenderfoot, Fergie, Giselle, Mulligan, Chipper, Deliverance, Gilmore, Lucky Charms, Sludge, Checkbook, Tarde (QIC).
  • Announce-o-rama: Well wishes to Crawdaddy’s 2.0 (Sheila E) who is up for his Eagle Scoutmaster Conference later today.  Red Hotttttt had good results from a recent colonoscopy and as a public service announcement he encouraged us to all get ours done. (mumble-note: Dean lamented for the people who have to give Gilmore his colonoscopy).  Chipper has some family concerns, as his grandmother passed away at 98, his aunt has breast cancer, and his dad is struggling with his cancer.  Epstein’s late wife would have celebrated a birthday today.
  • Sludge led us out, praying for all the spoken and unspoken prayer concerns.

Always an honor, and always right on time.

Dr. Tarde