Backblast Monday March12 Red White and Boom

Pax: Tenderfoot, Dean, Candy Cane, Deliverance, Fortran, Thin Mint, Kay, Pacer, Tarde, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Checkbook, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Dr. Evil, FloRida (QIC)

17 drip-dry pax posted to a dry and well-lit refuge from the Gloomy drizzle and waited for the school-closing accumulation of snow to begin.  Without a lot of room to maneuver in the Convalescent Center, the QIC leaned on the crutch of coupons to keep the pax occupied.  Just in case the beatdown alone could not generate adequate mumblecomplaining, which Epstein reminded us is an essential responsibility of the Q, YHC curated a playlist of fast, loud, deep cuts, punctuated by advertisements, for accompaniment.

Starting with a nonstandard but emphatic disclaimer that translates roughly to: if something happens,  KMAG YOYO (look it up), QIC let the pax through a briskly-paced WARMARAMA consisting of:

  • Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC
  • Cotton Pickers – 15 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 20 IC. Dean expressing concern about QIC’s rhythm here. Objection noted, although YHC is not sure if the climbers were too slow or the pickers were too fast or maybe the pickers were too slow and the climbers were too fast.  We’ll switch it up next time.
  • Bobby Hurleys – 10 OYO

With heart rates elevated, the Pax plunged into THE THANG, a circuit of 10 stations:

  1. Bent Rows with loaded milk jugs.
  2. Curls with Sludge’s steel channels.
  3. Standing Flies with Pavers, or Seagulls as Checkbook reminds us.
  4. Squats carrying loaded milk jugs. Tenderfoot a little surprised at the amount of dairy on the menu this morning.
  5. Overhead press with Pavers
  6. Boolean Merkins – A new one for Deliverance and the rest of the electrical engineers.  On and Off;  Ones and Zeroes.  Standard merkin with hands on pavers, then a wide merkin with hands on ground.   Candy Cane gets bonus points for doing his on knuckles, hardening his fists for MMA or maybe just an extra-tough day with the subcontractors.
  7. Tricep extension with double pavers. Some members of the pax, including but not limited to YHC, struggled to keep these focused on triceps rather than devolving to behind-the-head shoulder presses.
  8. Step Ups, jug-assisted. Or Step Downs, if traveling with Dr. Evil.
  9. Flashcard curlsHolding pavers on the short edge, curl from top to bottom displaying one paver face at the top of the curl and the opposite paver face at the bottom of the curl. Thin Mint displayed poster boy form with proper grip and complete extension.  Kay, who found these no different than ordinary curls, did not.  Correlation?
  10. Wonderbra with two (…or one, for some pax) pavers. Push up and push out.  Tarde reported immediate gains in lift and separation.


Move through the circuit Tabata-style, 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, for three complete circuits.

Crawdaddy, as expected, led the league in musical trivia knowledge, although YHC claims a point with a funk-rock stumper from Mother’s Finest.

Great news for Tenderfoot, who scored the quote of the day with “soundtrack of hell” (or maybe “soundtrack from hell”?), and all the music lovers in the pax:  Today’s playlist contains 2 ½ hours of electric exhilaration.  With advertising interruptions, we got through barely 20% of it this morning.  So you might hear some more.  Let’s all hope this is as close as we get, Tenderfoot.

Wrapping up with a few minutes of Mary:

  • Box Cutters 15 IC
  • LBCs 15 IC
  • American Hammers 25 IC

Thanks to Blue Hen for double duty packing and unpacking coupons at the secret hiding place.  Twelve jugs are also stashed for future use; or simply trashed if you believe ForTran.

COT:      Kvegas bracket contest is open.  See the link on Slack to fill yours out.  $5 to official pax bookie PacerGive the money to a used car dealer to hold… what could go wrong?



Prayers for Blue Hen’s father, who is suffering from pneumonia.

Dr. Evil led us out with a heartfelt reminder to carry the light of The Gloom into the day.

Always a joy to work with, an honor to belong to,  and a privilege to lead this inspiring group of HIM.