To the Shelters

Pain in the Park  Saturday March 10, 2018


17 Pax members with the Q. Posted this morning in anticipation of Day Light Savings time.


Pax: Craw Daddy, Tender Foot, Doubtfire, Double Check (visiting from the OR), Tarde, Epstein, Pacer, Dr. Evil, Shelia E, Winston Kimmel (FNG), Gilmore, Check Book, Sprinkler, Fortran, Lucky Charms, Special Ed.



Q: Sludge


Mosey to the Circle for warmarama with coupons.

ABE’S Dean Style

Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods (little circles frontwards, big circles backwards) # Crowd Pleaser

Side Straddle Hops


Moseyed to the new shelter with our coupons.


The Thang



You will perform all the exercises in order but do the 1st exercise on the list then run to the next shelter. Same thing at 2nd and 3rd shelter then back to shelter #1 to start exercise number 2 at each shelter. We will keep going until we finish. We will travel on the paved running paths clock wise. After every trip through shelter #1 you will do 15 reps with the coupons of your choice.



New Shelter #1

Qty 15 IC

Pretzel Crunches each side

Cindy Cawfords each side


Crab Cakes

American Hammers


Shelter #2

Qty 15 IC

Shoulder Taps

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks

Peter Parkers

Parker Peters


Shelter #3

Qty 15

Worst Merkins Ever

Dips, Dirkins, Irkins

Step ups

Merkin Jacks

Monkey Humpers IC


Mary with coupons

WWI with 2 coupons on your chest

Marge and Homers while holding your coupons

American Hammers with coupons

Naming of the FNG


Winston Kimmel- From Pensacola Florida, went Mississippi State, Graduated 2016 in Mechanical Engineering, Works at Tencarva Machinery with Lucky, Special, and Sludge. There were names thrown out of Cow Bell, Salem for Winston Salem (quickly denied so there would be no verbal bashing from FloRida) while we were grasping for straws wishing an English major was present the question was asked. Who is Mississippi St arch rival Old Miss. So, I would like for everyone to meet Rebel. When this was announced Rebel threw is gloves in the air and said I am not coming back. So, I guess the Pax nailed it.


Welcome Rebel!!!!



Prayer Request and Praises


Safe travel for Check Book and Sprinklers wives going to Italy.

Hunter Thompson the scout that had a brain tumor, had a good 6-month checkup doing good.


Brew’s and Hymn’s 1st Sunday in May ask Dr. Evil. Or Jane Danner. It will be an open Mic event and Epstein will be sending a shout out to all the 15th century crusaders!!!!


Dr. Evil goes Monday to a real Dr. for his foot.  Dr. Evil hopes to be released and fully back to the Gloom.

Marjorie is very appreciative of F3 moving crew.

B3          3-11-18 at Lowes Foods 5-7pm

Tuesday morning bible study at Hwy 66 diner in Kernersville 5:30am (Epstein leading)

Gilmore lead us out.

It is always an honor to lead this group.