Pre-Blast – Red White & Boom Monday, March 12 – Atonement

When: The usual 0530 am, March 12.

Where:  Fourth of July Park.  Repeating Sludge’s instructions for Saturday, grab two coupons from Dr Evil’s private stash and gather in the Convalescent Center.

Why:  YHC fartsacked on Saturday (and today) and now it’s time for penance.  Join FloRida in saying the F3 rosary after confession.

Weather:  March comes in like a lion.  Sufficiently unpleasant to make your post a character-builder.

Bring your FNGs, and we’ll name ’em up…  Ulysses?  Archimedes?  Atticus?  Conehead?  Wooderson?  Funkadelic?  Edsel?