Backblast – Red, White and Boom – This ain’t your Grandma’s washboard – Monday 3/5/18

Backblast – Red, White and Boom Monday – Ain’t your Grandma’s washboard.. 3/5/18

Pax: Epstein, Deliverance, Red Hot, Special Ed., Dr. Evil, Kay, Mulligan, Fortran, Flounder, Chipper, Dean, Checkbook, Candycane, Tarde, Pacer, Sludge, Florida, Trampstamp, Gilmore, Hardee, Mall Cop, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

22 Pax  gathered under cloudless skies with seasonal temps that the Pax will be begging for come July.  Mumble chatter was light and airy and moods were as bright as Special Ed’s OSHA approved attire. 

Time was allotted to tutor Foretran on his Matt Biondi form.

Welcoming no FNGS,  mosey to circle to engage in an warm-o-rama.



15 Side straddle hops, 15 Dean Vigotas, 15 Matt Biondi’s**, 15 Imperial Walkers , 15 Frankenstiens

**Shout out to everyone for continuing to embrace this exercise.  Everyone getting behind it, not saying how stupid it (and the QIC) are and pouting like children really warmed my heart.  You guys are the best.     .

Floating on air, the Pax then mosey’d to the bench lot sidewalk with handrails.

The Thang

Pair up –

Partner A Stays at handrail

Partner B runs to bottom of the Steps does excersise then runs back to relieve A

Round 1

A  – 2 Burpees – LBC’s                                      B – 2 Burpees  15 Merkins

Round 2

A – 2 Burpees – WW1s                                      B – 4 Burpees  20 Merkins

Round 3

A – 2 Burpees – Big Boy Situps                       B – 6 Burpees 25 Merkins

Pax then repeated Rounds  2 and 3.

                   And there was much rejoicing…


With joy in our hearts Pax then mosey’d to the tennis courts.

Staying in Pairs  A runs center, then full court with 2 Burpees at the far end.  B awaits relief doing:

Round 1 – Freddie Mercury’s

Round 2 – Crunchy Frogs

Round 3 – 4×4’s

Repeat Rounds 2 and 3.

In spite of many calling for MORE Burpee’s!!! QIC had to call time and mosey to BB court.




“Duck, Duck, Suck”

Pax circled up. And Checkbook led us off with a sucky version of that schoolyard favorite.  Run to the corner, do 1 Burpee, finish your lap around the circle and tap the next runner (or if you are Gilmore – skipper).  Meanwhile the pax does extended Mary.

Marge and Homer – with some flutters and Burns mixed in.

Low Flutters

Dying Cockroaches

Supermans – front, back, side with flutter and turbulence.

Cindy Crawfords 15 each side

Gorilla Humpers

High Knees – while QIC finished his lap.

20 American Hammers.


Announcements – Prayer requests:

Florida advised we will try to put together another work day to help Susan Muelller who’s house we did yard work at last year.

K advised that following an unfortunate death at an F3 Q in Houston, we will need everyone to update their emergency contact on Q sheets. Watch out for each other during workouts, modify and take stretching seriuosly.

Dr. Evil said that last Saturday’s move went really well and that Marjorie was very appreciative.

Gilmore led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy

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