Back-blast: Pain in the Park, 3/3/18 – Up, Down, All Around

Pax: Gilmore, Fortran, Epstein, Spurrier, Checkbook, Sludge, Lucky Charm, Sprinkler, CrankBait, Flounder, Mall Cop, Chipper, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Kryptonite
Q: Kryptonite
Backblast posted by FloRida on behalf of Kryptonite, who apparently could not pass the background check and, like a scandalized White House aide, has been stripped of his clearance.
14 Pax came out on a crisp Saturday morning to join the Q for some pain in the park sorta fun. We gathered as 15 strong, but we lost 2 right away as we took off on a mosey to kick things off. After a little stroll around the park, we came to a rest at the parking circle to begin the warm-up.
Warm-O-Rama (IC):
  • SSH X20
  • Frankenstein X20
  • Flamingo X20
  • Sun gods (sobriety) X10 each direction
  • Abe Vigoda X10
Following the warm-up, we began a mosey up to the track to get on with the main event.
1. Laps and Reps – the pax broke up into pairs to complete the following list of exercises (P1 runs a lap while P2 completes exercise; swap and continue until all exercises are complete)-
  • 50 pull-ups
  • 100 lunges (each leg = 1)
  • 150 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 200 WWI Cockroach
Hold plank for the six or join in to help complete.
The pax then eagerly followed the Q to the small hillside next to the baseball field for the next round of fun (Gilmore had to depart for what he stated was another obligation…assumptions were made).
2. Up, Down, Around – the group broke up into 4 teams of 3 to complete the following:
  • Group 1 = 25 monkey humpers (IC)
  • Group 2 = Squats
  • Group 3 = Hills (up backwards)
  • Group 4 = Squats
When Group 1 finished, the groups switched places until each group completed monkey humpers; Rinse & Repeat 3X
With our legs feeling exceptional, we made the mosey back down to the basketball court for a final bit f fun before Mary.
3. Up, Down, Around Round 2 – the group still in 4 teams of 3 proceeded to complete the following:
  • Group 1 = 2 Merkins (IC)
  • Group 2 = SSH
  • Group 3 = Plank
  • Group 4 = SSH
When Group 1 finished, the groups switched places until each group completed merkins; Rinse & Repeat 2X. Needless to say, the Pax demonstrated numerous variations of merkin styles…especially during round 2.
6MOM (IC):
  • LBC X20
  • Reverse LBC X20
  • Windshield Wiper X10 (a crowd pleaser every time)
  • Hammers X20
COT: Thoughts and prayers for Toto and his family; prayer requests for Crankbait wife’s cousin
Crankbait led us out
Always an honor!

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