Backblast – Poison Ivey – The WALL – 2/28/18

What started as “The wall that Kay felt” ended with “I fought the wall, and the wall won”.

22 Pax gathered in the gloom including FNG, Neil Currie (more on that later) to enjoy the invigoration of a good beatdown.  Red Hot, Candy Cane, Mr. Sludge, Dr. Evil, Lucky Charm, Blue Hen, Mall Cop, hardy, Flounder, Gisele, Epstein, Gilmore, Sprinkler, Kay, Thin Mint, Dean, Crawdaddy, Fannypack, Fortran, Tender foot, and YHC Checkbook as the QIC.

Being that YHC’s day job includes regulatory compliance responsibilities, it was deemed prudent that sixty seconds of disclaimer time would be time well spent.  After reviewing the five core principles of F3, the F3 mission statement, the 3 Fs of F3, the newly minted injury disclosure statement, the declaration of independence, and the gettysburg address, the Pax took off an Indian Run to The Wall that Kay Felt to begin the warm-o-rama.  Much mumblechatter was heard during the previously mentioned disclaimer citation, most of which went unrecognized and unacknowledged (except for Sludge’s mini-tantrum over starting the beatdown) by YHC.  Respect for authority is hard to find these days.

Warm-O-Rama – 12 SSHs IC, 10 Abe Vagodas IC, 15 Sobriety Style Sun gods forward and reverse IC, and 20 Imperial Squats IC made a triumphant return to the W-O-R.  Running slightly behind schedule (not b/c of the afore mentioned educational session), but b/c of the Pax’s unexplainably poor execution of what looked more like a Drunken Indian Run, the Q cut the W-O-R short and jumped into the Thang.

The pre-post consumption of Fire Water needs to end, Gentlemen.

The Thang – Station # 1 (25) Merkins, (25) Carolina Dry Docks, (25) Plank Jacks.  Station # 2 (25) WWI Sit-ups, (20) LBCs IC, (20) Freddie Mercuries IC.  Station # 3 (20) Box Cutters, (20) Low Slow Flutters IC, (20) Froggy Crunches IC.  And station # 4 at the WALL that Kay Felt, (20) Step-ups 10 each leg, (20) Copperhead Squats, (20) Monkey Humpers.

With the Q providing an inordinate amount of direction and oversight, the Pax counted off into groups of four and disbursed to the four stations.  The idea was to perform the first listed exercise at each station with a mosey to the WALL station after each exercise, and then mosey to the next numbered station.  Round two would be the second listed exercise and round three the third listed exercise.  The Indians appeared to be sobering up as performance was above average.  It could have been Gilmore’s crop dusting/smelling salts at station # 2 that got the group a little more clear-headed. As closing time approached, the Q called in the 6’s.

Then the train wreck occurred.  YHC attempted a new exicon, the Squaw Run.  Opposite the Indian Run, in a Squaw Run the lead runner of each line drops back to the end of the line.  Picture Canadian Geese in flight.  Our Squaw Run more closely resembled a bind snake trying to chase down a Mexican jumping bean.  First and last attempt at that – bad idea.

6MOM – Homer and Marge, Supermans, Cindy Crawfords, American Hammers, and a lot of mumblechatter.  Something about the Q only counting and not participating.  Nonsense!

COT –  The Pax welcomed FNG, Neil Currie sans his sponsor, FloRida and after nervously avoiding the center of the COT was promptly nicknamed Restless Legs.  A small group of disgruntled Pax members later reached out to the Q and called for a mulligan on the nickname, thinking this was less than our best effort.  So, from this point forward, Neil Currie’s F3 name will “Mulligan”, having nothing to do with anything he told us about himself, but everything to do with the nature of the process.

Announcements – Pax volunteers needed to move MSUMC member Marjorie this Saturday morning immediately after the Saturday morning beatdown and a breakfast break.

Prayer Concerns – Wayne (Rainbow) Purdy who recently lost his brother will be dealing with that brother’s birthday on Thursday.  Crankbait’s wife’s cousin who had surgery today and is dealing with dependency issues at the same time.  And our F3 brother Deliverance who is on the DL while figuring out some cardiac issues.

And I can’t remember who prayed us out, but thank you whoever it was.  I think it was Sludge and he probably did a good job.

Always a privilege.  Always a pleasure.

– Checkbook out.




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