Your Arms Will Thank You

Red White & Boom    Monday February 26, 2018


17 Pax members including the Q  Posted this drizzly morning for an Arms workout.

Pax: Dean, Fortran, Mall Cop, Chipper, Blue Hen, Epstein, Tarde, Dr. Evil, Kay, Red Hot, Gilmore, Tenderfoot, Flounder, Pacer, Florida, Checkbook

Q: Sludge


Mosey to the car rider line for warmarama.  Thanks to the pax members that toted the 3 new coupons (thanks to Florida for the donation of the F3 stickers).  These F3 coupons are now stored down at the well house so please use them at any Q.


Side Straddle Squats

Sun Gods

Cotton Pickers

ABE’S Dean Style

(Thanks to the Pax members that had the coupons during wararama for a little extra arms)

The Thang

There were four stations all focused on the arms (sorry Kryptonite no legs saving them for you on Saturday)

Station 1 (using the hand rails of the ramp)

Reverse Pull Ups

Quantity 15

Take a lap down to Mountain Street and Back


Station 2 (using the 30 Lb. coupon at the Handicap Parking)


Quantity 20

Take a lap down to Mountain Street and Back


Station 3 (using the car rider benches)


Quantity 25

Take a lap down to Mountain Street and Back


Station 4 (using the car rider benches)


Quantity 30

Take a lap down to Mountain Street and Back


Rinse and Repeat everyone should have gotten to do each station twice.


Mary (at the convalescent center)

LBC’s (Feet up on the bench seat)

Pretzel Crunches each side (Feet up on the bench seat)

Full Sit Ups (Feet up on the bench seat)

American Hammers


By Kay’s watch we ran a little under 3 miles.

There was a comment made at one point during the trips  to and from Mountain Street. Why did we not run to the post office each time.   Great suggestion for Saturday Q.

Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Flounders Mom is doing better
  2. Blue Hens friend is home from the hospital
  3. Blue Hens missionary work at pilgrimage 35 guest attended
  4. Keep Rainbow in our prayers for loss of brother (text or call would be nice)
  5. Mall Cops buddy Kevin lost brother to cancer


Move for Ms. Geer on Saturday 3rd go grab some breakfast after workout and then move.

Blue Hen led us out.

It is always an honor to lead this group.