Flash Bang Friday, No Moe(sy)

22 intrepid souls ventured out for an easy workout with one of their own that’s on the disabled list.  That’s a total of 23 if you’re counting.

Gilmore remarked what a relief it was when his door opened in the parking lot.

Image result for cheech and chong coming out of their van

Fresh air, as it was noted by Hardy, is on the lowest rung of the Maslow pyramid…

Image result for maslow hierarchy

After reminding the Pax of the new, improved disclaimer including the very real risk of injury….it started like this.

Without the ability to actually run/mosey, the Pax Imperial Walkered (Walked?) to the rear of the old school house that brings some of the Kernersville charm to the Fourth of July Park.  There was some concern going into the darkness behind the school, though…

Image result for creepy man playground

To the Pax’s surprise, we have a new gift of F3 logo’ed pavers that will be stashed in the shed behind the schoolhouse for future workouts.  The Pax collected two pavers each and Frankensteined to the convalescent center.


  • Block Squats, 20 IC:  Place the pavers on the ground on the first squat, pick them up on the second squat.  That’s one…  It was mentioned that some of us have farther to reach down than others….
  • Sun Gods, Sobriety Style, 30 IC, Reverso
  • Cotton Seam Rippers Pickers: 15 IC
  • Abe Vigodas on crack 15 IC (admittedly a bit fast for Abe’s)

The Thang

Partner Up, four cycles, each time one partner does 20 Step Ups (IC) on the bench, and the second partner matches the count–and tempo –with:

  • Cycle 1:  Curls
  • Cycle 2: Two-handed kick backs (tricep workout)
  • Cycle 3: Hammer Curls
  • Cycle 4: Two-handed kick backs

“Grit”, as in show yours…

  • Plank, two hands on the ground the whole time, no arching, 6 minutes. #crowdpleaser, #modificationfromdisclaimerdemonstrated

Back to the bricks, 45’s by each of the PAX, repeato because of time (missed an entire part of the planned workout… #nexttime


  • Cindy Crawfords, 16 IC
  • Box Cutters, 16 IC
  • Alphabet
  • American Hammer

Announcements/Prayer Concerns

  • March 3rd, The Lady named Marjorie will be moved by F3
  • Pray for Sharon and her daughter that has brain cancer
  • Farside’s mom’s professor
  • Praise for Fortran, baby and grandpa are doing well
  • Reach out the those that have not been in a while

Crankbait led us out in prayer

Always and honor,

Dr. Evil (DL)

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