Backblast: Red, White and Boom; The 75 anniversary of something

14 PAX, Spicoli, Thin Mint, Checkbook, Fortran, Dr. Evil, Pacer, Flounder, Blue Hen, Crawdaddy, Epstein, Sludge, Special Ed, Chipper, Dean, Gilmore (Q) posted to see what the Q was celebrating. Here’s how it all went down….

Dr. Evil and Sludge were quick to point out that YHC did not recite the most updated disclaimer, after a brief recap of all things F3 we moseyed to the cul de sac for a little warmup consisting of 20 SSH, 10 Abe’s (long count version) 10 sungods – sobriety style (is there any other way???) each leg and 5 burpees OYO, much mumblechatter or whining commencing at Q’s command of 5 burps and many references to the new disclaimer

Brief mosey to the trailers behind school where we celebrated the 75 anniversary of nothing but the number 75 and how is could be neatly broken down into 3 sets of 25 which was exactly what we did

Round 1 – derkins/merkins/dips, mosey up to and around the track

Round 2 – lt dans/monkey humpers, mosey up to and around the track

Round 3 – lbc’s/cindy’s (25 each side), mosey up to and around the track

Rinse and repeat until time called, we moseyed to the basketball court for Mary consisting of 20 little baby flutter crunches, 15 pretzel crunches each leg and 25 hammers

Funny thing happened during the name-o-rama, YHC noticed that Crawdaddy referenced a new number for his age (46), upon calling out 10 burpees more WHINING ensued and calls for an alternative to the burpee…


SERVICE PROJECT planned for Saturday March 3, after workout we plan to help move someone’s belongings from 1 apt to another apt, more info to follow..

Dr. Evil had an appt at Duke Hosp on 2/20/18 regarding his shoulder

informative, heart wrenching article on Dr. Evils neighbor whose son has been missing for approx 2 years

Rainbow’s (Wayne Purdy) brother passed, Rainbow spoke at the service

We should all be thankful for this group……..

someone prayed us out and off we went……….

It is always a privilege to lead and/or participate in this group!