Pax: Fortran, Gilmore, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Sprinkler, Sludge, Tenderfoot, Thin Mint, Checkbook, Dean, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Red Hot, Candy Cane, Crankbait, Hardy, Chipper, Crawdaddy, Spicolli, Flounder, Far Side, Pacer, Mall Cop, TrampStamp QIC:  TrampStamp (VQ)

23 willing participants were greeted by a Q wearing a backpack wondering what awaited them.

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After a brief mumble chatter the Pax took a short mosey to the circle for warm-a-rama, and with a nervous V “Q” there was some awkward counting laying in wait.  Holding my own until sun gods threw me for a loop, with all the forwards and backwards, and one leg non sense, this made for some interesting mumble chatter about yours truly.  Thanks guys!

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SSH X 15

Cotton Pickers X 15

Abe’s X 12

Sun Gods forwards x10/ backwards X 10 and apparently don’t ever yell out backwards it was taken literally thanks Dr. Evil

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The Pax then moseyed to the back parking lot where the Q had set up a parking lot of cones, that left some of the Pax scratching their heads.

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The Thang:

The Pax paired up in twos to begin the Suicide mission while  partner A was on the Suicide course partner B was at the pain station hammering out fun activities eagerly awaiting to be relieved by a burpee.  Partners collectively tallied their reps until the goal was achieved.

  1. Sprint Suicides X 200 Dips
  2. Broad Jump/ Bunny Hop Suicides X 200 Merkins
  3. Lunge Suicides X 200 Derkins/ Irkins
  4. Bear Crawl Suicides X 100 Mack-Tar-Ji’s

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After a gracious ten count from Mall Cop the Pax took a mosey to the basketball courts

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We circled up for Mary where counting became surprisingly easier for the “Q”, and two new members of the TrampStamp club were welcomed.

Red Hot


LBC X 15

Low Slow Flutters X 15

American Hammers X 15

Prayers for the Victims and Family members and everyone affected by the high school shooting in Florida, and keep all Teachers and schools across the nation in your thoughts and prayers.  If you are available to help out in moving a church member to her new residence the 3rd or 4th of March it would be much appreciated contact Gilmore.

Gilmore lead us out

Guys thanks for allowing me to lead you all.

THE TrampStamp



Back-blast: Flash Bang Friday Suicide Style! 2/16/18

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