Back-blast: Red, White & Boom – Morning Hops

The number was 24. An eager 23 pax joined the Q on a balmy, humid Monday morning with the hope of a beat down. The Q lost his weinke before we even began – not the first time and likely won’t be the last. Most of what you read below will be partially accurate.

Pax: Thin Mint, Dr. Evil, Tenderfoot, Dean, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Hardy, Chipper, Red Hot, Gilmore, Blue Hen, Epstein, Sludge, Crank Bait, FloRida, Fortran, Tramp Stamp, Pacer, Candy Cane, Deliverance, Fanny Pack, Flounder, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite

To get things started, the Q led the pax on a relatively short mosey to the small parking lot adjacent to the basketball court.

Warm-up (IC):


Frankenstein X15

Hillbillies X15

Copperhead Squat X15

Cotton Picker X15

The pax arranged themselves into 2 lines as we proceeded on a nice Indian Run to the parking lot behind the school. We stopped briefly to complete 5 burpees before finishing our mosey at the track.

The Thang:


The pax broke off into groups of 4 (a few had 5). The groups then dispersed, spacing themselves equally along the track. Once equally dispersed, Pax 1 at the start of the track ran to catch the next Pax (lunging) in their group; Pax 1 began lunging while Pax 2 ran to catch Pax 3 (lunging), etc. Following about 2 complete laps, the Q called it and we ran back to the basketball court.

Basketball court (split into groups of 3; or 4 if needed)

1. Pax at each end with a “runner” – Pax at each end completed Monkey Humpers while the “runner” completed broad jump burpees from one end of court to the other; pax swapped and this continued until each pax on the team completed 2 rounds (length) of burpees. Hold Al Gore for the six

2.Same as the first except bear crawl for the mode of travel with Merkins at the ends. Hold plank for six

3. Same as the first except Frog Jumps were the mode of travel while Lt. Dan were completed at each end. A 3rd round was added here do some pax complaining it wasn’t long enough – they wanted more. Hold plank for six

3. Same as above except Goofballs for mode of travel while Peter Parker completed at the ends.

Circle up near the end of the court for Mary. We lost Gilmore for a spell as he had to make the morning deposit. Upon returning, he alerted us all of his scientific discovery.

6MOM (IC):

Flutter Kicks X15

Box Cutter X15

Reverse Box Cutter X15

Pretzel Stick X10 each side

Hammer X15

COT: Prayers and thoughts for Rainbow and family for their loss; Praise for Gilmore and his wife for 13 wonderful years; Prayers for Fanny Pack and Emily; Prayers for Flounder’s mom

Crankbait led us out

Thank you for the opportunity as always gentlemen!




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