BackBlast: Pain in the Park Field Trip

PAX: Sludge, Epstein, Fortran, Gilmore, Check Book, Tinderfoot, Tarde, Craw Daddy, Thin Mint, Jordache, Special Ed (QIC)

10 PAX plus YHC assembled in the true rainy Gloom this Saturday morning.

With the Field Trip day upon us, the F3 PAX class assembled at the flag eagerly awaiting their trip.  Much to their dismay, the following disclaimer was passed out:

Little did YHC know, but some PAX claimed they couldn’t read.  Sludge quickly did the only thing an ECU grad knew to do with written words, he threw it in the trash.

At promptly 6:30am, with Jordache headed to his vehicle, we Moseyed to the back parking lot.

For the record, Dean, I had another Wienke at the ready in case you needed to steal the Q …

Warm a Rama:

Abe Vigoda 9

Sun Gods 15

Chinooks 15

Cotton Pickers 10

SSH 10


…and here is where it quickly broke into chaos.

Mosey to the Poem Reading benches where the PAX were to break into teams of 4.  With 11 PAX this proved exceptionally difficult to overcome. Partner 1 to perform Dips at the Benches, Partner 2, starting at the benches, runs to Partner 3, at the swings performing Shoulder Taps. Partner 3 relieves Partner 4 at Playground wall performing Step Ups.  Partner 4 runs to DIP station and it all works! Right?  Not sure what was occurring, but I assume Kevin Bacon didn’t have it as bad…

Learning from mistakes is a lifelong process, so we Moseyed to the Tennis Courts and only broke into groups of 2 for this part of the class Field Trip.

Partner 1 Suicides while Partner 2 performed




Hold for 6 when each Partner completed the 3 circuits

TCLAPs to CrawDaddy for squeegeeing his personal space on the court.  (It didn’t dry it up)

Mosey to the Baseball Field (aka bottom of the Hill)

Partner in 2s again, as this seems the highest compute-able number the PAX can achieve today…

Partner 1 at the top of the hill performing WWI situps, Partner 2 at the bottom performing 2 Hand Release Merkins (in the mud, no doubt) then backwards up the slip-n-slide to change places

Mosey up and down the staircase and then to the track

Partner in 2s (We are a fine oiled machine at this point with our 2s)

Partner 1 begins running, Partner 2 completes 15 Merkins, sprints to catch up, Partner 1 completes 15 Merkins while Partner 2 sprints ahead….repeat

After 2 laps, we Moseyed to the Football Field

(The original plan was a little disc golf sprinting, but YHC thought better of bringing a hard plastic disc that could be used as a weapon against him at this point in the workout, so that is saved for another day)

Field of Merkins: 1 Merkin under the goal, slosh to the mud in the center of the field for 2 Merkins, continue to the far end goal for 3 Merkins… so on until 10 Merkins.

Mosey to the Bus Stop Benches

Partner 1 Step Ups 10 each leg

Partner 2 at bottom LBCs

2 cycles unless you are computing 2 like Fortran…

Mosey to Front Sign Field

Group PAX – 6 stops around the field at YHC’s discretion.  (Of note, there are roots near the Crete Myrtles that make LBCs, LSFs, and Box Cutters even more fun in the rain)

15 Shoulder Taps

15 Peter Parkers

15 Plank Jacks

15 LBCs

15 Low Slow Flutters

15 Box Cutters

Mosey to Amphitheater Benches

Partner 1 performs 11 Dips as Partner 2 performs Bobby Hurleys under the Portachere

One round was enough, so we

Mosey to Basketball Court

Wall Sit Suicides for one round each partner


YHC had timed this perfectly, with 25 American Hammers to end the workout at exactly 60 minutes (one second to stop my watch)

Epstein informed YHC that the COT had to fit into the workout time.

Epstein, this doesn’t say “54 minutes of pain”…

Announcements / Prayers

Praise for Fanny Pack’s wife as they were able to leave the Emergency Room yesterday.

Prayers for Epstein’s Grandma

Prayers for ToTo

Prayers for all those dealing with the Flu

Prayers for the Youth Group and Evil

Gilmore has requested a work day/clean up for someone the weekend after Easter.  If you know of someone in need, let Gilmore know

Praise that Check Book’s daughter is back to 100%

An Honor,

Special Ed

BackBlast: Pain in the Park Field Trip