F3 Miracle on Ice

We began with an extra credit pre-mosey at 5:00AM, to Ciener Botanical Gardens and back. Here’s the scorecard:
+100pts. FloRida – For posting and leading the mosey.
+100pts. Dean – For posting, despite being woken by his infant daughter at 3AM
+50pts. Tarde – For posting 5 mins before 5AM.
-250pts. Gilmore – For inviting everyone and then fartsacking.

Gathering: As they gathered in the gloom, the crowd buzzed with anticipation. How would the flame be lit?

Cotton Pickers x16IC
Hill Billys x17IC
Sun gods Sobriety Style x5IC fwd, then reverso
Sun gods – Nancy Kerrigan style x5IC fwd, then reverso
Sun gods – Tonya Harding style…take a knee x5IC fwd, then reverso. 

In honor of the Gold Medal U.S. Men’s Hockey Team of 1980, and the “Miracle on Ice” victory over the heavily favored Soviet Union, we did a series of six pain stations, each with exercises that begin with the letter “M”, for Miracle.

Makhtar N’Diayes x20
Monkey Humpers x20IC
‘Mericans x20
Mountain Climbers x20IC
Moon Gods x10IC each side (an Epstein invention – thanks for the demo)
Marge-Homer – as much as the station Q wanted to dish out

Plus a generous Mosey between each pain station.

To do this, we divided into 3 hockey teams – groups of 6-8 players per team.  Each group Moseyed around the loop, stopping at the pain stations along the way. Keep your hockey team together. Hold each other accountable. At each station, one team member is the Q and will lead the team.

The F3 hockey teams made about three rounds through the pain stations.

Mumblechatter about 20 Makhtar N’Diayes being too much…dude, you’re an F3 Team USA hockey player! Smile and show us those missing teeth as you grunt it out!  Or modify.

Word spread quickly of a team captain known as “Lucky Charms”, who displayed impeccable counting for his team, leading them to repeated victory.

It was fun when two hockey teams would show up at a station and fight over the station Q.


At the convalescent center
Pretzel crunches x15 each side
WW1 Cockroaches x16IC
Freddie Mercury x17IC

And a little “Mid-Mary-Mosey” to the basketball court for…

Bode Miller slalom burpees – 3 slalom hops per burpee x10ish. (Bode Miller has won six medals in the Winter Olympics, the most of any U.S. skier − two golds, two silvers, and two bronzes.)

AH – x15IC

COT: Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announce-o-rama, prayer requests, BOM

22 Pax: Epstein, Lucky Charms, Deliverance, Checkbook, Dean, Special Ed, Chipper, Tramp Stamp, Crankbait, Blue Hen, FloRida, Fortran, Crawdaddy, Farside, Dr Evil, Kay, Sludge, Hardy, Pacer, Sprinkler, Fannypack, Tardy.

Prayer Requests: Continued prayers for Toto and his family and their awesome ministry in Uganda, prayers for our F3 brothers that could not make it today, Epstein’s 92 year old mother in law is dealing with some health concerns, the safety and health of Dr. Evil and MSUMC youth skiing this weekend.

Dean led us out.

Always an honor, Tardy