Backblast – Poison Ivy “Give me half a minute” Wed. 2/7/18

Pax: Fortran, Gilmore, Kryptonite, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Sprinkler, Sludge, Tardy, Tenderfoot, Thin Mint, Checkbook, Dean, Lucky Charms, Flo_Rida, Deliverance, Red Hot, Candy Cane, Crankbait, Hardy, Tramp Stamp, Chipper

QIC:  Chipper (VQ)

There was a tinge of apprehension in the air as 21 Pax began to gather in the eerily warmish gloom.  Under the cover of threatening rain clouds, YHC found a confused Hardy and Tramp Stamp under the hood of a vehicle attempting to diagnose a possible leak ( Where’s Pacer? ).

Image result for redneck fixing car

A few short minutes later the apprehension vanished as a series of miraculous events unfolded to let YHC know it was going to be a special kind of day….

First, Dr. Evil walked up completely under his own power, sans peg leg or boot.  Related image

Next, Dr. Tarde  arrived early,  AND Thin Mint was able to drag Tenderfoot out of the fartsack for a prompt arrival.  A trifecta! After Sprinkler confidently slow-strolled up John Wayne style to join the pax at 5:29:55 we were off for the


  • SSH x 19
  • ABE VIGODA x 15
  • MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS x 15 (YHC found it difficult to count and execute?)
  • SUN GODS 15 x 2

The warm up continued with an Indian Run from the lower lot to the “lights” which YHC initially failed to specify meant the lights on the entrance road to the park.  This lack of clear instruction lead to immediate mumblechatter and various “suggestions” of  utilizing closer lights.  After an unprecedented RIGHT turn at the entrance road and jog down to the end of the dog lot, the PAX circled back to the convalescent center / concession stand to begin


Pax were divided up to start at one of 5 pain stations.  At each station PAX would attempt to execute a designated number of reps for the listed exercise before hearing a bell that would ring every 30 seconds.  If you completed the assigned number of reps before hearing the bell – repeat the exercise.  Keep repeating the exercise until you are unable to complete the required reps before hearing the bell.  Once you are unable to beat the bell, move to the next pain station.  5 total pain stations = 1 circuit.  Pain stations were as follows….

  1. Burpee  – 8 reps 1st circuit, 6 reps 2nd circuit, 5 reps 3rd+
  2. Big Boy Sit-ups – 12 reps 1st circuit, 10 reps 2nd +
  3. Jump Squats – 18 reps 1st circuit, 15 reps 2nd circuit, 12 reps 3rd +
  4. Hand Release Merkin – 15 reps 1st, 12 reps 2nd, 10 reps 3rd +
  5. Sprint to cone and back –  repeat until unable to beat bell

The PAX, so alert and invigorated by the Indian Run Image result for liar liar

had no trouble understanding the instructions and everything was proceeding smoothly… UNTIL, like a Fortran nightmare, Sludge’s crazy strong Big Boy Sit-up skills got him stuck in an infinite loop at station #2 as he repeatedly beat the bell.

Image result for infinite loop error

This unforeseen bug required a programming re-write to mandate MAX repeatos per station =5 to free Sludge (and Fortran at Station #3) from a very monotonous workout.  After the coding patch the PAX moved  from station to station challenging themselves in 30 second intervals, sometimes beating the bell like….

Image result for seinfeld crossing finish line   Flo-Rida on back to back wind sprints….

and sometimes being beaten by the bell like…..

Image result for 10 count boxing (YHC at Burpee Station)

After nearly 60 rounds of pain Omaha was called and the Pax returned to the lower lot for


  • LBC  x 15 IC ( PAX deemed “Chipper LBCs” as YHC was again unable to count and execute properly)
  • Superman
  • Marge & Homers
  • American Hammers x 21 IC

Announcements / Prayers

Help Brooks Parker (Candy Cane’s son) raise money for his BSA Eagle Project by eating at Barberito’s tonight before 4:30 and 9:00 PM.  Mention Brooks when ordering.  Pray for Finley who is having adenoids removed today.

Gilmore led us out.

It was a great honor and privilege to Q today.


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