Backblast: Poison Ivey – Just Hit it Hard

21 Pax ultimately gathered on a cold on a super blue blood moon morning so they could hit it hard. It was a once in a lifetime event given that it last happened 150 years ago. Of course we were unable to see the rare event but a few late arriving, “tarde” pax were treated with a rare sight as the drove in with a bunch goofballs in the middle of the roadway.

Pax: Gilmore, Dean, Epstein, Lucky Charm, Tarde, Kay, Special Ed, Crankbait, Deliverance, Chipper, FloRida, Fortran, Fanny Pack, Blue Hen, Gisele, Mall Cop, Red Hot, CheckBook, Sprinkler, Tenderfoot, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite


The warm-up began with the pax gathering in 2 lines to make their way to the adjacent parking lot. An Indian run ensued, except the pax were doing gofballs the entire way with the pax in the back completing 1 burpee before running to the front of the line. It sure seemed to take an eternity for the first pax from the back to finally arrive at the front – still not sure what was going on. We then circled up.

SSH X20 (IC)

Frankenstein X15 (IC)

One-Legged Flamingo X10 (IC) each leg

Doubletime X15 (IC)

Abe Vigoda X15 (IC)

The pax then separated into 2 circles joined together by the Q forming a figure 8. Once in position, we proceeded with a little Monkey in the Middle. Pax in the circle completed gorilla humpers while 1 pax at a time crawled into the middle and proceeded with 5(IC) Monkey Humpers. This went on until all pax had a turn in the middle.

After a very short mosey, we then found ourselves at the top of the hill to begin the workout.

The Thang:

  • The pax divided into groups of 3; 2 pax went to the bottom by the edge of the soccer field while 1 remained at the top; Pax at bottom did High Knees; Pax 2 ran to bottom of hill then bear crawl to top to relieve Pax 3 who was doing Lt. Dan; Pax 3 runs to bottom to relieve Pax 1; this continued until 120 Lt. Dan completed by team
  • Pax then gathered at the top of the hill and joined into groups of 4; 2 of the pax head to opposite side of parking lot; 1 pax to the middle; Pax 1 does peter parker merkins; Pax 2 (in middle) does Jingle Balls; Pax 3 (opposite end) does Squating Imperial Walker; Pax 4 runs to Pax 1 to relieve; Pax 1 runs to Pax 2, etc.; this continued until 200 total Peter Parker Merkins were completed

Pax then made their way back to lower parking lot after lining up in 2 lines for some Indian runs Goofball style.


Low Dolly X15 (IC)

Low Flutter X15 (IC)

Rosalita X15 (IC)

Extended Flutter X15 (IC)

LBC X15 (IC)

Hammer X15 (IC)


Kay to set up a Uganda F3 shirt order on the Q sheet so everyone sign up if you want a shirt and to sponsor; Prayer requests for those going out tonight as part of the Salvation Army Point in Time event; Prayer requests for the scout troops camping out Friday night; Prayer requests for Sonya Smith and her family; Prayer requests for Carlton and his friends Nate and Alan

Tarde led us out

As always, it was an honor!