Backblast – 2018-01-26 Cream Puff Obstacle Course

27 PAX came out in the crisp gloom already knowing the Q’s intent…

Tramp Stamp, Red Hot, Thin Mint, Tarde, Fanny Pack, Kenny G, Candy Cane, Hardy, Far Side, Dr. Evil, Craw Mommy (sp?), Gisele, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Mall Cop, Cube, Crank Bait, Epstein, Deliverance, Kay, Pacer, Slduge, Chipper, Tenderfoot, Blue Hen, Fortran, and Dean (Q).

After finding out there are no FNGs, a poor disclaimer was made on a mosey to the circle for Warmarama:

25x SSH

14x Abe Vigodas

16x Seam Pickers or Cotton Rippers (Whatever you want to call them)

15x Sun Gods Each way plus the arm thing…I forgot the name of it. I think it was at this point that Kay commented on YHC’s inability to get the names of any exercise right….let alone form.

15x Imperial Walkers (Q noted to go slow to stretch, to which a Pax asked what does that exercise even stretch…Q has no idea, just was trying to sound smart).

15x Copperhead Merkins

Then on to the Thang:

Basically this on Rinse and Repeat.  First round was supposed to be together unless you memorized the flow-chart…(not the FloRida style flowchart, but one that actually makes sense)…However, some of the PAX inching ahead of the Q were clueless as to what was next…but the ever-wise and sage-like Q was able to balance the 6th and the Sugar Rays with exceptional skill…

At one point, a PAX noted that the Q was acting like a drill Sargent  during the first lap(see below)…

But YHC sees it more like this (see below)…Dilly Dilly

After Epstein and I clocked a lap time of 12 minutes…it was 6am…therefore only a partial lap could remain…so, Kay and I rounded up the crew to head to the basketball courts.  On the way there Crawdaddy informed me that he had lapped Kay twice…and Sprinkler noted that this should be a Saturday workout, others grumbled about that later thinking that just meant more burpees/bear crawling…

For Mary’s:

20x LBC

10x Cindy Crawford Each Side

15x Low Slow Flutter


20x American Hammers


Prayer Requests – Kay’s Mother in law surgery, speedy recovery.

Far Side coworker – lost mom last week.

Announcements:  Chili Cookout at Main st. united Methodist 5:30-7:30 Contact Sprinkler with questions.  Benefits youth missions.

Evil recommended paying extra to keep Gilmore from going…

Random Musings: Welcome back Kenny G!

Crankbait took us out



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