Preblast – 2018-01-26 Flashbang Friday “Cream Puff Obstacle Course”

Where: 4th of July Park

When: 5:30 am Sharp

What: My hope is that the “Cream Puff Obstacle Course” will become an F3 Kvegas exclusive exicon term. All Cream Puff PAX will tackle this obstacle course, as shown below with a true diversity of pain stations…The goal is for you to track your time through this and as this will be repeated from time to time, to see if over the course of months you are getting faster and better at it. So if you want to time yourself, BRING YOUR TIME TRACKING DEVICES, no iPad this time…Then, when I’m being lazy a few months from now, we will rinse and repeat this Q (others can steal it too if they want), to see if times improve.  A true way to judge how we are all progressing, or regressing…

The above map is intended to help DIMINISH on-ground confusion, but YHC fully expects it to only increase confusion…we will be going through the course one time together, then on your own…or, if you want to study it by yourself tonight, go for it.

Why: For the fun of it.

Weather: Crisp and Pleasant.

Who: Cream Puff PAX