Backblast – Poison Ivey – “Right in the Lumber yard Danny”.. – Weds 1/24/18

Poison Ivey – “Right in the Lumber yard Danny”.. – Weds 1/24/18


Pax: Dean, Kay, Giselle, Chipper, Dr, Evil, Deliverance, Foretran, Tarde, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Tenderfoot, Flounder, Hardy, Checkbook, Tampstamp, Red Hot, Sludge, Lucky Charm, Candy Cane, Thin Mint, Gilmore, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

22 Pax gathered on the 1st T-box to set off on a prefect morning to soak up the gloom. With no FNG’s and a botched disclaimer, we mosey’d to the road for W-O-R

SSH’s 15 IC ,  Cotton Picker’s 15, Dean Vigodas, 10 IC, Frankenstiens 15

Continued warm up with pax traveling up the road to gravel lot alternating each pole with a series of mosey forward, backward, left side shuffle, right side shuffle, repeat.  Pax then reformed and mosey’d to convalesance hut to start Thang.

The Thang:

Pax partnered up: 2 stations – utilizing the theme of 4×4 – at each station pair will roll the dice to determine # of reps , then do that many 4×4’s (4 of each = 1 rep) of each set of exercise before running to the other station to roll and repeat, then transfer again.

This oddly left Sludge and Candy Cane both confused and angry (yet not disgruntled?)




Station 1 (Conv. Center) exercises:

1st round:  Station 1: Monkey Humpers / Mericans

Station 2: Mountain Climbers / Mericans

2nd round: Station 1: Overhead Claps (IC) / Barishnikovs

Station 2: Imperial Walkers / Step ups (2 each leg)

3rd roundStation 1: LBCs / Squat Jacks

Station 2: Bobby Hurley’s / Ericans

There was the usual mass confusion followed by more confusion, then settling into predictable misinterpretation followed lastly by malaise and anger..  So a Q just a drawn up on a day ending in “y”…

Like many Q’s there were victims along the way.  Myself and Chipper rolling a 5 (thus a 10) on IW / Step ups.. photos of Chipper from that experience:

Before After 

A second sortie was then announced adding double the dice roll and 2 Burpees between stations.  This seemed to make the group only more angry, so mission accomplished.

With Thin Mint seeing “doody”.. (turns out it was only Dean’s “form” on any given ab exercise)

Omaha was called and pax headed to lower lot for Mary:


X & O’s (@15)

LBC’s (15)

Freddie Mercury’s (10)

Superman’s (enough)


American Hammers, 20 IC


Sludgefest is now closed, dress will not be black tie. $10 per person

Giselle’s wife’s cousin Emily , K’s daughter Ella who is getting tubes in her ears today.  Praise for Checkbook’s daughter who is doing well.

Jamestown and HP pax are looking to do Palmetto 200 – Gilmore to post info.

Sludge announced he will be doing next round of Tuesday Bible study with focus on love and relationships.




Sludge – led us out with Prayer

Thanks Fellas – It was a Pleasure

************* addendum  – To Fortran who (I may or may not have) yelled at in the heat of battle regarding math, and Gilmore whom I forgot during name or rama.. I apologize.  Please accept this picture from Dawson’s Creek as payment in full (knowing full well it is already Fortran’s wallpaper on his laptop).



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