Backblast-Pain Near The Park. Jan 20, 2018

There’s no shortage of Tweeters claiming moral high ground for one cause or another, but while the hysterical slept, a strong and eager Pax of 22 was in sole possession of Kernersville’s highest, driest ground, geographic and otherwise, in Saturday’s frosty Gloom.

It was Bring Your Son to Workout day, with three (count ‘em!) 2.0s posting to begin Sharpening the Iron of the next F3 generation. With one FNG among them, QIC FloRida fumbled through a rusty welcome and disclaimer, completely omitting the purpose.  Quiet and observant, young Matthew appeared to figure out most of it on his own.

The Pax: Lucky Charms, Sludge, Special Ed, Sprinkler, Fortran, Fergie, Crankbait, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Sheila E (2.0), Dr Evil (experiencing a Basketball Jones), One Time (2.0), Tenderfoot, Doubtfire (sleek in Bonnie Blair aero-hood), Cube, Gilmore, Tarde, Checkbook, Chipper, Deliverance, Matthew (2.0 and FNG), FloRida (QIC)


SSH – 16 IC. Distracted Q failed to anticipate the stop and skidded through the 15th rep.  Thankfully no oncoming traffic so no crash.  Effective leadership leaves no room for unfocused thoughts from an undisciplined mind.
Helicopters – 12 IC
Don Quixotes – 10 IC
Mountain Climbers – 15 IC

Lively mumblechatter from the direction of Gilmore.

Special Ed was eyeballing YHC’s safety-yellow hat as the perfect accessory to complete his outfit. Sorry, Ed, but my ears need the cover.

Next up, a quick trot around the not-icy but very dark AO to locate the three grindstones. QIC’s sad little soccer cones were not effective at marking the spots.  Nevertheless, the AO provided, if not lighting, at least sufficient landmarks, rendering unnecessary Crawdaddy’s plea for glowsticks.  Then on to THE THANG:

Burpees x 10 – station 1
Lunges x 20 – station 2
Imperial Walkers x 30 IC – station 3
Merkins x 40 – back to station 1
Plankjacks x 50 single count – station 2
Squats x 60 – station 3

Return to station 2 to join Dr. Evil in holding Al Gore for the Six. Then a Chilcut Reverse Plank with Crawdaddy, One Time, Doubtfire and Dr Evil clocking the pax with ten counts.

Mosey to the starting line of the School Street dragway, carefully noting the ice hazards at the halfway point, before returning to the parking lot at 100% All You Got.

Then a slow mosey back to station 1 for a second lap of BLIMPS. Tclaps to self-proclaimed Vice-Q Sludge for keeping the speedies busy and out of trouble with an interim 3 minutes of Mary while waiting for the second shift, including YHC, to finish the lap.  Not exactly a Q-theft, but where there is a void, a leader will fill it.

Second lap showed that Cube is back at full strength, banging out burpees in double time. Thanks to Lucky Charms for propping up a wobbly YHC toward the end of the lunge stop.

Pleasantly surprised to find the bus benches mostly free of ice, QIC dropped the Pax off for some Step-Ups in Eleven format (10 left, 1 Right, etc). Immediately followed by the surprise that the Pax was completely unable (or maybe unwilling?) to execute the familiar series of reps.

Like a Windows Vista PC, the Pax crashed in a jumble of frozen apps, requiring a re-boot in Safe Mode, achieved by:


Another mosey to the end of School Street for a sprint halfway back followed by a backpedal return to the parking lot.  Fergie showing the effects of his speedwork in Oak Ridge, left the Pax eating dust.  Reassembling at station 2, the pax ran through some counting practice in Crab Plank position.  Gilmore’s impressive imitation of Lt. Mayo left YHC feeling, for the briefest of moments, almost as bad-a** as Lou Gossett, Jr.

Just the lift YHC needed to inspire the pax back to the benches for a complete and accurate set of elevens, bursting any quad fibers still intact after Checkbook’s Friday ice capades.

Plank for the Six, then a little Cupid Shuffle to the left and right, gathering strength for one more round of BLIMPS, this time at half-count (5,10, 15..30).

Wrapping up with the Mary circle:
Box Cutters – 15 IC
V-Sit Flutters – 15 IC
American Hammers – 15 IC


FNG Matthew, 2.0 of Tenderfoot, is 16 YO junior at NCLA, Eagle Scout, baseball player and outdoorsman. Realizing that he must have sold, bought, or at least consumed an enormous quantity of cookies to achieve the Eagle rank, the Pax zeroed in quickly on Thin Mint.

Welcome Thin Mint!  We look forward to your cool and crunchy presence In The Gloom whenever the school schedule permits.

Remember Sludgefest signup before January 23.

Dr. Evil offered T Claps to Boy Scout members and leaders for successful fundraising spaghetti lunch and display of fine character. F3 well-represented by Tarde, One Time, Sheila E

 and Crawdaddy.


Many prayer requests:
Crankbait co-worker with kidney disease.
Robin Baker and family fighting cancer.
Doubtfire’s wife’s uncle fighting cancer.
Chipper’s father fighting cancer. Chipper and family with an inspiringly positive outlook.
Checkbook’s daughter cardiac procedure on Monday.
WFU and WSSU students injured and dead from Friday night fights and drug overdose.
Thin Mint’s friend who lost both grandmother and uncle in two days.

We encounter many hurting people each day. Some pain is apparent; some is not.   Prayers for all of them, and for each of us to stand as compassionate, strong and graceful leaders in difficult times.

Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor to lead this fine group of #HIM.