We Put The BOOT back in BOOTcamp!

Boots on the ground would be appropriate, except snow and ice prevented any direct contact with the ground.

10 Pax posted in the 19 degrees of snow and ice to exercise their bodies, minds and souls…and ward off any future reference to pansies.  The “wear boots” message got through to all but Gilmore, who along with Epstein must be dyslectic and read the thermometer as 91 degrees and showed up in shorts.  SHM.  The all-powerful Q smirked knowing that a call for “supermans” lay ahead.

Pax: Epstein, FloRida, Gilmore, Dr. Evil (who participated with the group just like old times), Flounder, Fortran, Pacer, Gisele, Dean.

Q: Checkbook

The Pax “no-moseyed” to the basketball court to avoid any slip-and-falls and to engage in a beatdown designed to mitigate the risk of injury.  No Pax member was injured during the execution of this product, although Gilmore and Checkbook just about bought it getting back into their cars.

Warm-O-Rama: Abe Vigodas (12) IC, Cotton Pickers (15) IC, Sun Gods (15) forward (15) reverse IC, Chinooks (15) IC, Toy Soldiers (15) IC, Bobby Hurley’s (20) IC.  Gilmore disputed that Bobby Hurleys qualified as a warm-up, but the Q informed him it does if it’s done IC.  Don’t screw with the Q.  Remember that shorts/snow/superman thing is coming…

The Thang: Aiken Legs (20 Squats – 20 Lunges – 20 Slit Jacks until someone calls Omaha), Flys (30) IC, or as FloRida kept pointing out, “Seagulls”.  Did FloRida attend UNC-Wilmington? Copper Head Squats (15) IC, Flying Sun Gods, or Nancy Kerrigan’s in honor of the upcoming winter olympics (15) forward (15) reverse IC, Copper Head Lunges (10) IC, Frankensteins (15) IC, Monkey Humpers (20) IC, Chinook Squats (15) IC, Hillbillies (15) IC, Iron Squats (15) IC, Goofballs (15) IC, Mexican Jumping Squats (15) IC, Seagulls (30) IC, Gorilla Humpers (20) IC, Lt. Dans (15) IC, Sun Gods sobriety style (15) forward (15) reverse IC, Imperial Squats, a real crowd pleaser (15) IC, Seagulls one more time (30) IC.  The Q has identified a major imbalance in the lexicon in the arm/leg ratio of exercises making it difficult to balance a beatdown that must be completed entirely on the feet.  Thus the repetitive Seagulls.

Running short on time now, the Q realized his wienkie was longer than he knew what to do with.  Story of my life…

Mary: With the snow at our feet now compacted harder than the concrete underneath it, the Q called the Pax to their sixes.  Surprising jubilation ensued.  I think the Pax just wanted to see Gilmore and Epstein in the snow in their shorts.  Low flutters (10) IC, the long awaited and much anticipated Supermans, and then the American Hammers (25) IC to wrap it all up.

Q’s thought for the day.  All we really accomplished was working out the last of the soreness from Kapernick’s legs-of-death beatdown from last week.

Announcements: Sign up for Sludgefest by Tuesday the 23rd.

Prayer requests: The Swift family in Boone who are dealing with a recently experienced suicide.  The Kernersville family who lost their home to fire due the fire department’s inability to reach their home in the severe road conditions.

Gilmore prayed us out.

To whom it may concern: As the parking lot emptied, the Q witnessed FloRida carrying a snow shovel toward the convalescence center.  He was either fulfilling his court mandated community service hours, or preparing for his Saturday Q.  Fair and balanced reporting.  You be the judge.

The third time’s a charm, gentlemen.  It was my pleasure.

Checkbook out!