Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue


Check book is camped out at the 4th of July park waiting for his Q on Friday

11 Lucky Pax members + the Q.  Posted this nice morning to see if the weather men got it right.   They got it right.

Pax: Fortran, Gisele, Kay, Crawdaddy, Dean, Special Ed, Tarde, Flounder, Dr. Evil, One Time, Sheila E

Q: Sludge

We did a mosey warmarama up the road with Abe’s, Shanooks, Walking Frankenstein’s, and cotton pickers. We ended up at the Lacrosse Field of fresh fallen snow.

The Thang

The Pax would perform the exercise below in order.  After each exercise, the Pax would run the length of both Lacrosse Fields.  To ensure we all stayed somewhat together, the Kay factor was put into place.  When you made your run to the end of the field you would resume the exercise until the six arrived.   Every time we ran the north end of the fields it was like running in a blizzard (and no Crank Bait not the ones made at Dairy Queen).

15 Reps each exercise

Exercise 1    Squat Kicks

Exercise 2    Merkin Punches

Exercise 3    Side Lunge Kicks

Exercise 4    Plank Jack Merkins

Exercise 5    Skater Hops

Exercise 6    Carolina Dry Docks Shoulder Taps

Exercise 7    WWII Combination Punches at the Top

Exercise 8     Thigh Master Over Head Clap

Exercise 9     Diamond Peter Parkers (The crowd went wild)

Exercise 10   Squatting Frankenstein’s

Moseyed to the convalescent center

Can you guess which one is Kay, and which one is Dr Evil?? Just saying!!!!


Mary under the convalescent center


Cindy Crawford’s

CLC’s Pretzel Crunches


Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Travels
  2. All the Pax that fart sacked!!!!!


Sign up for Sludge Fest (F3 party) January 27th BBQ, Beer, and NO BURPEES !!!!!!

Come on PAX get on the list.

Tarde led us out.

I  still get excited when it is my Q and wake up 45 min early with anticipation  so with that said we must be doing something right.

It is a wonderful privilege to lead this group no matter what the conditions are outside.


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