1/19/2018 Preblast Flash Bang Friday – Put the BOOT back in BOOT camp!

after scouting out the conditions, gear and exercise modifications are called for.  ice and snow friendly.  injury avoidance carries the day.  you could call it a no-mosey, BOOT camp beat down.

wear deem BOOTS.  athletic shoes if you like, but why would you?

Who: not for the lighthearted.  pansies’ opportunity to re-classify.

What: boot camp beat down in the deep south.  emphasis on BOOTS.  workout will be modified to “BOOT appropriate”.  and not that one-legged kind tiny tim wears.  real BOOTS.

When: 1/19/2018  assemble in the gloom at 5:25.  get after it @ 5:30.

Where: 4th of july park.

Why: because all good pansies deserve a second chance, and I will not be known as the Q who canceled.

Weather: calls for BOOTS, boys.  if you hadn’t already picked up on that.

Let’s make lemons out of lemonade.  wait….you got to be asking yourself, “will he call for supermans”?

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