Red, White and Boom Monday – “I have a dream (of fartsacking)” 1/15/2018

Backblast – Red, White and Boom Monday – I have a dream (of fartsacking)…

Luckily I had a stock photo of Spicolli on hand.

Pax: Epstein, Deliverance, Red Hot, Tenderfoot, Dr. Evil, Kay, Jordache, Fortran, Flounder, Chipper, Dean, Cube, Shelia E, Fanny Pack, Pacer, Sludge, Florida, Crankbait, Gilmore, Sprinkler,  Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

21 Pax  gathered under cloudless skies with temps @13  to embrace the week.  Heralding the long awaited return of Shelia E;   Molly showed her approval with a social commentary upon the grass.

Welcoming no FNGS,  mosey to circle to engage in an warm-o-rama.



15 Side straddle hops, 15 Imperial Walkers , 15 Cotton Pickers and 15 Dean Vigotas..

Q being surprised that no rotten fruit had yet been thrown at him, we carried on and mosey’d to upper lot.

Pax lined up on curb.. From the official court records:

No.. start here, and everyone line up that way.  No.. starting here.  HERE! No, just stop. Look at me.  Starting HERE everyone line up going that way.  Epstien.. do you see where I am. ok, now go to the other side of me where everyone else is..  Great.

(Checking my watch at that point, I thought we had run out of time..)

The Thang;  Conveyor Belt

Pax were assigned their first exercise High knees, 6 inch Flutters or Overhead Claps.. 1st pax in line runs to far side of parking lot, does 1 Merkinless Burpee, then sprints back (entire Pax switches to next excersise for them) until next runner returns, all the way down the line.

On paper – 

What the Pax turned it into

Having no one frozen to death, and all conveyor cogs accounted for, we mosey’d to BBall court.

Partner 1 runs lines (and back) 3pt, half, and far base.

Partner 2 completes following until relieved;

1st Wave: Partner 1 –10 /15/20 LBC’s at each respective line

Partner 2 – WW1 Cockroaches – Nod to Kryptonite as (haven’t we seen these before was whined from the gloom).. yes.. yes you have.

2nd Wave : Partner 1 – 5/10/5 Perfect Merkins

Partner 2 – WW1’s 

3rd Wave: Partner 1 – 10/15/20 Side Straddle Hops (IC)

Partner 2 – LBC

4th Wave (bonus): Partner 1 – 3 Merkinless Burpees

Partner 2: Marge and Homer (called by QIC and Pacer)

Having had enough and the entire group being creeped out by some guy lurking near the men’s room (turns out it was just Dr. Evil)…

Pax headed to Mary ahead of schedule prompting cheers and jeers..

“Q schedule is open”… Dean


X & O’s , Supermans – front, side and back, Marge and Homer..(again?? YES.. again), At this point the QIC spotted a satellite and really lost all interest in the rest of you..  But somehow was able to dig deep and focus on finishing.

  Thanks Carol- you are too kind.

15 Freddie Merc’s, 15 American Hammers.


Announcements – Prayer requests:

Sign up for Qs – call anyone to share one if needed.  Please sign up for Sludgefest.

Crankbait gave an update on his friend David – who is now in GSO jail.

Gilmore led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy