Pre-Blast – Red, White and Boom “I have a dream… (of fartsacking)” – Monday 1/15/18

Red,White and Boom – I have a dream (of fartsacking)– Monday 1/15/18

Any reference to “fartsacking” was dropped from the final speech by MLK.  According to his memoir, he felt it inspired laziness..



When: Gather  @5:25 – Kickoff @5:30AM with fun until 6:15AM,  Monday 1/15/18
Where : 4th of July Park
 Why : Because when you are so beat up from Saturday’s Q that you can’t walk, sit or wipe.. why not go exercise in the cold darkness.
 Who:  Usual Pax, and possibly some 2.0’s – rumors of Shelia E and 1Time are rampant.
Weather:  Per Weatherbug 18 degrees (feels like 9) , i.e. perfect..

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