2018-01-10 Poison Ivey Q – Everyday Sugar Ray Backblast

The gloom started with an amazing showing of 26 PAX – Red Hot, Check Book, Fortran, Gilmore, Special Ed, Crawdaddy, Hardy, High Heels, Epstein, Kryptonite, Gisele, Yorkie, Tarde, Dr. Evil, Kay, Sludge, Cube (who has some Sugar Ray resemblances…anyone else see it??), Crankbait, Chipper, Tramp Stamp, Lucky Charms, Sprinkler, Deliverance, Blue Hen, Flounder, Dean (Q).

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Photo of those in attendance this morning…Notable attendees were the HP group, Lucky Charms whose old bones can’t take the cold, and Epstein who got married Monday…

YHC had to rely on others, (thank you Flounder) for the time, as all my devices were stored at the convalescence center (CC)…so, promptly at 5:30 we moseyed to the parking lot area beside the CC for the Warmarama (with Sugar Ray Pandora station on the job-site radio in the background):

20x Mountain Climber (Grumblings were heard that we didn’t do SSH…which is exactly what I was hoping for!)

15x Peter Parker

12x Abe Vigoda (Gilmore got excited

12x Seam Ripper (Cotton Pickers)

15x Sun Gods and Schnooks (however you spell that..)

After warm-up we did a dummy lap to show everyone where the stations were, and where the bear crawl/crab walk zones were…someone kicked the crab walk marker and made the crab walk even further. This made many PAX crabby…

Thang: You against You.

Round #1 – Two times total, see if you can beat your time (I.E. Mario Cart Ghost mode)

Corner #1 – 10x Burpees

Corner #2 – 20x Squat

Bear Crawl Zone

Corner #3 – 30x Dips

Corner #4 – 40x LBC (Not in cadence)

Crab Walk Zone

Not gonna lie…YHC had the Q adrenaline boost on Round#1 and was slower…

However, I did see Kay’s timesheet…and well…let’s just say he is the ultimate Sugar Ray as he K’Oed his first round times…

Round #2 – Two Times Total

Corner #1 – 10x Lt. Dans

Corner #2 – 20x Hand Release Merkins

Crawl Bear Zone

Corner #3 – 30x Step Ups (15 each leg)

Corner #4 – 40x Flutter Kick (20 each leg)

Crab Walk Zone

There wasn’t a whole lot of mumblechatter as PAX were scrambling to breathe…although Red Hot reported that Evil threw a rock at him…no evidence was found….

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Then SSH (thank you Deliverance) and Mountain Climbers (thank you Gilmore) as the Q had to fill about 2 minutes of time…


12x Cindy Each Side


15x Low Slow Flutter

20x American Hammer

Announcements: Gilmore had a joke…

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27th of this Month Sludgefest, Prissy Polly’s catering BYOB, probably 6:30 PM (for any Baptists, BYOB means bring your OWN beer…)

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Prayer: Sprinkler asked for us to pray for wisdom for our country’s political leaders regarding immigration. Sprinkler was wise to be careful with words as there are differing opinions on the subject.  For my own two cents, it’s important to note that good people reside on both sides of the immigration arguments, and that as leaders of the community, we are best served when we fairly represent those on the other side in a truthful and fair manner (to which I applaud Sprinkler).  These issues are complex, and usually there are typically no good options left, which then becomes a value judgment between individuals.  These value judgments have a tendency to divide rather than unite.  Thus, my prayer is that regardless of our opinions on political issues, we pray for our leaders of both parties, knowing that our common ground at F3 can be found at the Cross of Jesus Christ, where no man can boast, except in the completed works of Christ the King who is now seated, as “it is finished”.

An Honor to lead,


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