Pre-Blast for “I DO” workout for 01/08/2018

Where: 4th of July Park

When: 5:30am

What: “I Do” workout in honor of Joey & Jamie & newlyweds everywhere!!

Tuxedo’s not required but certainly encouraged!!

Assuming Epstein (aka “Joey” if you insist on using pre-F3 nomenclature) is not so hungover from his exceptionally well stocked bar at this point, we hope he will attend.  Feel free to critique his form or offer well meaning if not outright useless advice on what to expect on his honeymoon.

Our “Honeymoon Suite” (formerly known as the convalescent center) may not be as well equipped as the above but should be stock full of plenty of helpful exercises for our newlywed and perhaps a few tricks for some of the old dawgs as well?!