Post blast, “I DO” 01/08/20+18 = 47

18 “best men” showed up for the I DO Q.  Gilmore, Kay, Crankbait, Red Hott, Fortran, Flounder, Tarde, Giselle, Epstein, Dean, Dr Evil, Sludge, Crawldaddy, Pacer, FloRida, Blue Hen, Fergie, and yours truly FannyPack!

Started off with no FNGs, some mumbled instructions about meeting us in the warm up circle to Dr Evil which was ignored, meanwhile I lead the rest of the crew on a quick mosey towards the street with a SHARP left turn and remaining mosey back to the end.

10 SSH, 10 of those 1 legged things where you circle your arms forward and back (turns out they are called Sun Gods?) sobriety style or drunken master style if preferred?  10 Abe Vigodas at various speeds, wrapping up with 10 cotton pickers/seam rippers.

3 stations of fun for I DO, doing 1 exercise at each station and moving to the next at your own pace.

“I” station, where 1+1 = ?   11 right, what else could that possibly add up to?  Our first station is all about the 1 side and then the other as we completed a series of 1 armed and 1 legged exercises at the Playground

1 arm IRKINS, 1 arm Incline PULL UPS (really more of a row as pointed out in the gloom), 1 legged SQUATS, 1 legged KICKS IC (Buns of Steel!), 1 arm SIDE PLANKS, 1 legged BURPEES and “DO” it all over again if you are really fast!  (T Claps for Sugar Ray KAY, not sure who else was on the 2nd round?)

Next onto D in our “DO” series!

Here we find that MATH is hard!!  01+08+20+18 = 47!!!

Dips x 47, Derksins x 20, DOUBLE Merkin Burbees x 18 (a real crowd pleaser!), Diamond Merkins x 08, DASH x1(00)% to the next station and if you are fast enough you get to DO it all again when you lap the rest of the F3 crew!

Finally we reach the “Ohhhhhh” station at our HONEYMOON suite!!!!

This where all innuendos were intended and mumble chatter included tips on what to expect on your honeymoon night and speculation on whether or not any of these exercises were actually applicable!?

MonkeyHumpers x 47, Balls to the Wall for 47 seconds, Pickle Pounders x47 (Epstein went for 48 so he could keep both sides even!!), Plank for 47 seconds, Peter Parkers x 47, Reverse Plank for 47 seconds and finally Plank Jacks x 47.

We gathered back at the HoneyMoon suite for Mary, Sludge seemed especially disappointed that he was not quite able to make it to the playground for the 1 legged burpees.

Random amounts of exercises including LBCs, Homer/Marge/Burns/flutter kicks, Big Boy situps and American Hammers ensued.  The count had mostly to do with when I was bored and wanted to move to the next exercise or was starting to see a light at the end of a long tunnel…

Prayer concerns was pretty light, some F3 guys that we have not seen in a while will get a call or email and we ended with circle of trust, and Gilmore leading us in prayer for Epstein and the families and for direction in our lives!

It was a pleasure to lead this, my sophomore Q and thanks to Epstein/Joey for giving me a theme that I could work with!!