Against The Wind. Flash Bang Friday, January 5

The Pax: Dean, Hardy, Trampstamp, Chipper, Tarde, Sprinkler, Fortran, Gilmore, Kay, Crankbait, Deliverance, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Pacer, Epstein, Giselle, Fannypack, FloRida (QIC), Molly (4 legs)

18 layered-up men gathered In The Gloom to face down the icy wind. YHC is always interested to see how the pax prepares for challenging weather.  Much to Dean’s delight, Chipper showed off his Christmas present Wolfpack stocking hat.  Gear nerd Fannypack peeked out through his balaclava, ready to go Harp Seal hunting, rob a bank, or simply stop into the local mosque.

And Gilmore

Well, some are just better dressed than others.

Hoping to find a break from the forecasted wind gusts (which didn’t actually materialize), QIC FloRida led the pax on a short mosey past the usual warm-up circle to the outdoor theater to begin generating body heat with:

SSH – 15 IC
Chinooks – 10 IC
Helicopters – 10 IC
Cotton Pickers – 10 IC
Peter Parkers – 10 IC
Parker Peters – 10 IC

Before beginning THE THANG, where the Pax broke into three groups for a three station circuit, paced by group 1:

Station 1Around the World Merkins – 5 in each direction on the outdoor theater benches.

Then a quick detour to the hill for 3 trips up via backpedal.

Kay offering both the loudest complaints about residual soreness from Crawdaddy’s Wednesday leg-shredder and the most sprightly and energetic travel up and down the hill.  Followed by extra credit lunges!


After the hills, Group 1 travel to the Porte Cochere to relieve the pax at:

Station 2Lt Dans, continuous until relieved by Group 1. Other leg exercises optional for subsequent laps. Tarde showing his cardio prowess with an impressive set of Bobby Hurleys on lap 3.  Dr. Evil, liberated from his peg leg but still under doctor’s orders not to stand and deliver, remained at station 2 and managed enough movement to avoid freezing his back to the sidewalk.  Molly, the only one of 19 pax happy about a cold wet nose, circulated through the station dispensing inspiration.

After Group 1 arrived from the hills, Group 2 moved on to the next station, stopping only for 5 burpees, before relieving the pax at:

Station 3 – LBCs on the stage, continuous until relieved by Group 2. Other core exercises optional for subsequent laps. Fortran must have cycled through the entire exicon here, because each time YHC looked up, he was doing something different.  Tarde quietly slipped away for some Pilates Hundreds, cleverly minimizing contact with the frozen ground.

Rinse and Repeat for Lap 2.

Crawdaddy, poised to strike as the pax turned lap 3,

stood down, brilliant in his restraint and secure in the knowledge that he could have, if he wanted to.

After three circuits around, the pax circled up for 6 Minutes of Mary:

V-sit Flutter Kicks – 10 IC .  YHC thought this was something new, but Epstein, unrecognizable in a  hat (borrowed?), mumbled something about a different name.

Side Plank Hip Press – 12 IC each side.  Epstein, having now outed his presence to the heretofore unsuspecting pax, continued with his exiconchatter.

American Hammers 25 IC



Congrats to Epstein on his upcoming wedding, Monday 18/18.

Be sure to post Monday AM, as Fannypack is planning a special bachelor party beatdown.




Prayers for Crankbait’s friend David facing more obstacles in his path to sobriety and ministry.

Praise for Crankbait’s extended family member making progress in her healing journey.

Crawdaddy led us out.

Today, especially, it was a privilege to share, an inspiration to belong, and an honor to lead this fine strong group. Gratitude!


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