Happy New Year!

10 Pax braved the cold and lack of sleep to participate in the New Year Beatdown

QIC: Kay
Pax: Kay, Gilmore, Sludge, Dean, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Cube, Fortran, Blue Hen, Epstein


  • Mosey around park
  • 18 x SSH
  • 18 x Sun Gods
  • 18 x Merkins
  • 18 x Monkey Humpers
  • 18 x Thigh Masters
  • 18 x Flock of Seagulls
  • 18 x Squeal Billies

The Thang

The Pax was super excited for this workout and made sure they let their excitement be known to the Q.  I may have heard a couple four letters come out.  Might have just been in my head.  Lots of calls for Omahas and Dilly Dilly’s.  I may have been a little ambitious but it can only get better from here.

  • 30 x Booya Merkins (combined count)
  • 30 x Booya Situps (combined count)
  • 30 x Partner Squats (combined count)
  • 30 x Partner Derkins (combined count)
  • 30 x Burpees after each of the above stations (combined count)

The Thang Part 2

  • Suicides while partner does wall sits
  • Suicides while partner does balls to the wall (Impossible for sprinkler apparently)
  • Suicides while partner does wall sits
  • Mosey Around Park


  • 18 x LBCs
  • 15 x Freddy Mercuries (Oops)
  • 18 x Falling supermans
  • 18 x Heal touches
  • 19 x American Hammers

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and I am excited to see what is in store for this group in 2018.


  • Checkbooks daughter’s engagement
  • Epstein pending matrimony (a week from today)
  • Darren Martin and Randy Martin for healing and peace