2017-12-30 Backblast Q by Committee

7.5 PAX (Blue Hen, Tramp Stamp, Sludge, Fortran, Dr. Evil for part of it, Dean, Check Book, and Hardy) Came out in the gloom to find that the Q named “Available” Fartsacked!  Eager as a school girl selling scout cookies, Dean stole the Q…but it was really more Q by committee with YHC taking all the credit, naturally…

 We began with a mosey to the cul-de-sac for:

 15x Side straddle hop

12x Abe Vigoda, nice and slow

15x Mountain Climber

15x Sun Gods

Might have been some other stuff…can’t remember…it was improv.


It should be noted that it was as dark as the lights have been at Kenan stadium since bowl season started…so options were limited…but at the bus parking lot we found a nice light and did lunges with a squat at each pole…per Sludge, we did lunges with Burpees on the way back…Sugar Ray Tramp Stamp led the way and it was quickly realized that on the way back the Q (YHC) calling for a “reverse” lunch was idiotic…Omaha was called to forward lunge…


We then moseyed to the next light by a trailer…10x WWI there and mosey back to the other light, up the stairs and back down for 10x merkins…we did this (3) times with Sludge as the Sugar Ray and I think his idea to add the stair run…


Then we moseyed to the bus drop off area with the benches…for “abs” we did 10x Peter Darkers (Decline Peter Parkers) mosey across parking lot for 10x LBC. Rinse, repeat (3) times.

 Then we did 10x Dips (IC thanks to Sludge who later regretted speaking up) and 10x reverse merkins at the ramp/rail…Tramp Stamp Initially skipped the IC park of the Dips but made it up at the end…Rinse, repeat 3x

 Then we moseyed to the amphitheater for 10x Derkins run to the flag pole for 10x squat.  Rinse, repeat 3x

 We then did a double tunnel of love…Fortran slithered like a snake without moving his feet….all upper body…I think Hardy may have done the same…. 

Then we moseyed back towards the park playground only to find that Dr. Evil appeared with his Dog at the Convalescence Center for the Temporarily Disabled Pax (CCTDP).  Sludge led us through some Ab exercises there that involved the benches, plus a two-step Irkin.  All improv…very impressive…

 Then we moseyed to the playground for 10x Pull-up, 10x Step-up.  Rinse, Repeat (3) times…

 Then mosey to the CCTDP for Mary’s.  Q by committee started with Fortran leading 10x Cindy Crawfords each side.  I think it was Check book and sludge had to stare into each other’s eyes for the second round, which they protested against…but YHC thinks “thou doth protest too much!”


Hardy called for some Flutter kicks…then silence and Tramp Stamp finished with 20x LBC and 17x American Hammer to close out the 2017 year…all his ideas…And I must say that Tramp Stamp’s F3 count voice makes James Earl Jones sound like a sissy…what a commanding presence when he counts…

When you write all that out, we did a lot of stuff…Holy cow (but not in a Hindu way, just an expression…) 

Announcements/Prayer:  Kay has Q Monday but it’s at 6:30 AM.  As a bad improv Q I did not have my phone to record them…so I forgot some…My bad

 Well done to all the PAX who helped Q by committee…A group theft from the fartsacking Q named “Available”,


PS – One of the PAX Pointed out that Tenderfoot left his shoes at the park…so you may want to go pick those up.