Pax present and accounted for:  Crawdaddy, Fortran, Red HOTT !, Chipper, Epstein, FloRida, Sprinker, Blue Hen, Dr. Evil, Kay, Kryptonite, Gilmore, Flounder, CheckBook.

Great to see at least 15 of us made it out through the post-Christmas blues.

Some of us did not recognize Epstein as he came running up with his new shorter hair cut.

  • Warm-O-Rama
    • SSH x 20 IC
    • Sun gods (sobriety style) 2×10
    • Some other exercise that was really good
  • The Thang – If we didn’t get enough of Christmas lights, this was an opportunity to see them again, one at a time.  I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t realize there were that many light posts.
  • Round 1 – at each light post
    •         10 Merkins
    •         10 Monkey Humpers (IC)
    •         Sprint back to start
  • Round 2 – at each light post
    •        10 Plank Jacks (IC)
    •        10 Lt Dans
    •        Run backwards back to start 
  • Round 3 – at each light post
    •         20 WW1’s
    •         30 Squats
    •         Side step back to start

If I had known that Kay and Kryptonite were going to pull a “Sugar Ray”, I would of had them go to the lights at the end of the road.  There was minimal mumble chatter, but a couple people did call me “stupid”, so, I think that was a good indication.

I must apologize to the Pax for the very short session of Mary that only included Dying Cockroach and the little known exercise called  “American Hammers” (for those of you who do not recognize it…that was sarcasm).

Just a few things before I go, since I have your attention…

  • Please try to join us Tuesday’s for men’s Bible study at 66 Diner, usual time at Oh Dark thirty.  Tell a friend about it, even if they are not able to join us for workouts.
  • Let’s continue to think of different forms of outreach….let’s get outside of our comfort zones.
  • Remember our closest mission field is under our own roof.

It was an honor to Q….


12/27/17 Backblast: Post-Christmas Lights (Poles)

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