2017-12-22 Flashbang Friday Backblast

2017-12-22 Q at Fourth of July Park

Wofford is Swahili for “Beat UNC”

Based on the stellar performance by Flounder Q’ing on Wednesday, YHC had his work cut out for him…Since 12s were already done twice that week, YHC didn’t want to steal ideas, so he went with an 11 spin-off…

20Pax – Gilmore, Tramp Stamp, Kay, Lucky Charms, Fortran, Dr. Evil, Checkbook, Crawdaddy, Kryptonite, FloRida, Sprinkler, Chipper, Flounder, Far Side, Epstein, Sludge, Gisele, Red RED Hot, Special Ed, Dean (Q)

Promptly at 5:30 according to Apple, we began with a mosey to Convalescent Center to attempt to do some warm-ups that Dr. Evil could do…with mixed success, and lots of eye rolling…

11x Goofballs (Evil through hands up in the air in frustration…or it may have been a goofball, not sure).

11x Abe Vigoda (Gilmore type speed, although Gilmore had to remind YHC to remain slow)

11x Imperial Walker

11x Hillbilly

11x Sun Gods/Schnooks

11x Copperhead Dips

Rounds of 11 – First to Finish each round does 5x Burpees, once done with that PAX move on Together.

At Convalescent Center – 11s of Merkins / LBC (Winner=Kay)

Mosey to Elementary Bench Area – 11s of Flo-rida Derkins / Lt. Dans (Winner=Kryptonite)

Mosey to Bus Pick-up – 11s of Burpees / Squats (Winner=Kay) Sludge pointed out to the Q that I had apparently lied earlier saying no Burpees…woops…

Mosey to Bus Parking Lot – Lunge 11 lines, squat at each line. Then Bearcrawl back merkin each line. (Everyone won for completing…) Gisele grunted like Serena Williams at Wimbledon, but easily completed the exercise.

Mosey to Convalescent Center for Mary’s

Due to extra time, Q instructed 11x Dips and 11x Jump squats on your own to pass time. Lucky Charms was excited as a school girl that the Q would maximize everyone’s time.  But not quite as excited as Fanny Pack is about his 2031 Q…Then a few folks mentioned something about a pregnant lady passing him in a mud race?  I don’t know what that was about…but this is the image that came to mind…

11x LBC

11x Dying Coachroach

11x Cindy

11xWWI on your own

25x American Hammer (Kay reminded Q that we had done 11 of literally EVERYTHING else….)

Announcements/Prayer Requests – Epstein is engaged! Pray for Chippers family, lost Nephew this week. Gilmore taking donations for homeless, Evil same for car project. Tenderfoot’s son will be an eagle scout! Far Side visited a young girl at Brenner’s with bone cancer that had a great perspective.  If I missed anything else, sorry!