Morning with Epstein’s Hair

Back Blast

17 PAX  (sludge, flounder, red hot, fortran, deliverance, crakbait, giselle, chipper, gilmore, tarde, lue hen, sprinkler, fanny pack, crawdaddy, dean, kryptonite, epstein) assembled in the beautifully clear gloom to celebrate our ability to bring ourselves from the fartsack and some ’80s hair metal.  Flounder arrived to honor YHC’s first Q in months with a skimpy football jersey more resembling Uncle Rico (although it’s not the same with the sweatshirt under)

Image result for uncle rico

Warm-o-rama began with some confusion after we ran to the lower end of the lot with fear of having to get out into the gloom of the grassy areas, but it was only a momentary delay into a low mumblechatter session involving:

Hillbillies x 20 (IC)

Windmills x 15 (IC)

Thigh Master x 10 (IC) – repeato

Parker Peters x 15 (IC)

Our mosey was halted at my van to grab some clay rectangle coupons.  We carried on across the upper lot to the back-side of the concession area for a wind break (not there).

This days’  Tabata was brought to us by a difficult-to-hear, but very satisfying 32 min of Hair Nation on SiriusXM.  There were ten rounds of six sets, some sets involved bricks, others did not.  I’m fairly sure some of Dean’s sets involved neither, but at least rebellion has a name now!

Round 1:  shoulder raises and/or SSH

Round 2:  bicep curls and/or CDD

Round 3:  tricep presses and/or lunges

Round 4:  shin bricks (crowd pleaser) and/or merkins

Round 5:  squats and / LBC’s

The revelation of the morning had to come after we found out our very own Blue Hen (formerly known as Red Hen) was a roadie for Britny Fox!  Image result for britny fox

With time dwindling we wrapped up with mary at the same location as tabata

dying cockroach x 10 IC

American Hammers (with coupons) x 20 IC

Sprinkler brought us out with thankfulness and gratitude as always

Prayer / Praise

Crankbait’s Mom is cancer-free!  Keep Hunter Thompson (boyscout) in your prayers after emergency surgury this week, Bidet’s daughter Reagan, f3 Tuesday discussion opportunities to pray for others like the waitress at Route 66 – keep up the EH’in for the highest cause men!