2017-12-06 Poison Ivey “Q-Stealing”


PAX:  Fortran, Chipper, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Crawdaddy, Flounder, Tarde, Kay, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Epstein, Red Hot, Tramp Stamp, Deliverance, Gilmore, Gisele, Checkbook, Fanny Pack, Dean (Q)

A bitter and peer rejected Dean showed up to mumblechatter with many PAX threatening to steal the Q from YHC. When YHC surrendered it to them, it was given back like a hot potato!

Thus, YHC began with an unusual disclaimer that you CAN sue the Q because the Q schedule says Crawdaddy…who stole Dean’s Q on Monday.  Thus, today’s theme was Q-stealing.

Warm-a-rama (Mosey to big parking lot and visit each of (4) stations) – Count off in 4s

20x Side-Straddle-Hop (YHC with the count)

20x Mountain Climber (Epstein on the count I think)

15x Sun Gods (Chipper and Red Red Red Hot on Count)

16x Abes (Gilmore on count…obviously…some PAX fell asleep at the slow pace…others actually were able to stretch)

15x Imperial Walkers (Tramp Stamp on the count…I think he was doing an impersonation of Sprinkler though…who was standing beside him)

50% Run between lights

75% Run between lights

100% run between lights


(Q-Stealing a Station at a time)

Station #1 – Southeast Corner

Station Q Goes to Oldest Pax in your Group

15x Burpees

15x Lt. Dans

15x Merkins

15x Copperhead Squat (IC)

Station #2 – Benches

Station Q goes to youngest Pax in Group

15x Merkins

15x Irkins

15x Copperhead Dips (IC)

15x Step ups

Station #3 – Playground Area

Station Q goes to Shortest Pax

15x Jump ups

15x Pull-ups

15x Orangutan Squat

15x WW1

Station #4 – Southwest Corner (Tiny Tim and Tarde’s modify zone)

Station Q goes to tallest pax

20x Monkey humpers (IC)

20x Dying Coachroaches (IC)

20x Mountain Climber (IC)

20x Peter Parkers (IC)


1x LBC (Crankbait on the count…)

10x Pretzel Crunch (Crawdaddy on the count)

20x Low Slow Flutter (Fortran on the count)

25x American Hammers (Deliverance on the count)

Announcements: Crankbait challenged people to reach out to the overlooked. Gilmore reminded everyone that may actually take some time…

Tarde took us out.

Random Musings: Deliverance reported that at Station #1 in his group, a certain Pax stole the Q from him….unbelievable that Q-stealing from more than just Dean was taking place…

No one had to get wet thanks to a well-planned Q…take note future Q stealers…

Mosey plus instructions is a bit much for the Pax…lesson learned…

Don’t put concrete cylinders in your truck bed unless you have enough to fit all the way across the bed.

Checkbook and Flounder dominated our group while sprinkler and I floundered around…

Q-fully yours,


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