Pain in the park    Saturday December 2nd

13 Pax members + the Q.  Posted this warm December morning to start their Saturday Morning off right.

Pax: Dr Evil, Blue Hen, Tardy, Fortran, Deliverance,  Tramp Stamp, Gilmore, Epstein, Sprinkler,  Kay, Special Ed, Check Book, Chipper, Crank Bait

Q: Sludge

Mosey to the Basketball court for Mary after the disclaimer.

American Hammers

Low Slow Flutters

Crunchy Frogs

Super & Iron Mans



Moseyed to the Poem reading benches.

Dip, Step Up, Orangutan Squats, Step Down, Dirkins

Ladder up to 21


Moseyed to the track

At the Track broke up into 3 groups

1st group Chirpees (Burpees with chin ups) until next group showed up

2nd and 3rd group run 2 laps

Group 2 relived group 1 after 1st lap and so on to all Pax completed Chirpees


Moseyed back to the benches @ bus loading

Kaytar N’Diaye with Derkin & Merkin

Qty 10


Moseyed to the football field

Frank N  Dan’s

Qty 11


Moseyed to the benches @ bus loading

Kaytar N’Diaye with Merkin & Irkin

Qty 10


Moseyed to the field of Pain

Field of Worst Merkins

Qty 11


Moseyed to the basketball court for Warmarama

Sprints while pax did wall sits



Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods

Side Straddle Hops


Prayer Request

  1. Crankbait- Leslie’s Cousin
  2. Tramp Stamp – Son
  3. Chippers Dad
  4. Special Ed – Safety for Wife when running early morning                                                                    Co-Worker and his 32 yr old son medial issues


  1. 1st Men’s Bible Study
  2. Dr Evil for his Walking Device
  3. Sprinklers for his wife and kids during Christmas Season

Crankbait led us out.


It is an honor to lead this group.




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