Devils Dice

Flash Bang Friday December1st


19 Lucky Pax members + the Q.  Posted this Indian Summer morning to see what the Devils Dice had in store for them.  There are a few Pax that do not need to go to Vegas!!!

Pax: Tramp Stamp, Flounder, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Hardy, Fanny Pack, Fortran, Red Hot, Fergie, Sprinkler, Chipper, Crank Bait, Gisele, Dean, Deliverance, Epstein, Spicoli, Gilmore.

Q: Sludge

Mosey to the warm up circle for warmarama

Imperial Walkers

Cotton Pickers

Frankenstein’s Rockette Style

Plank Jacks


Mosey to back parking lot behind the school


The Thang


Devil Dice:  Each pax member would role a die.  What number you landed on was the station you went to.  You had to run (clockwise) around all of the stations to get back to the dice.


15 Reps each station


Station 1    Plank Destroyers

Station 2    Burpees         A quote by our very on Dean 

Station 3    Exploding Gorilla Squats

Station 4    Diamond Merkins

Station 5    Plerkins

Station 6     Run to the Track and take a lap

Dean was not lucky rolling the speckled beauties.  He rolled a 2 about every time.  So Dean I looked up the definition of Burpees because after doing a 100 of them I know you know it but the rest of the pax might need to know it. (Sorry Dean)



Dying Cockroach

Pretzel Crunches

Low Slow Flutters


Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Crawdaddy praise on F3 in his life.

Gilmore led us out.

It is a privilege to lead this group and I am very THANKFUL even with all the verbal abuse.