Red White and Boom Taking Shelter 11-27-17

Red White & Boom    Monday November 27, 2017


16 Lucky Pax members with the Q.  Posted this morning to take shelter.


Pax: Dean, Fortran, Deliverence, Chipper, Blue Hen, Epstein, Special Ed, Dr Evil, Kay, Red Hot, Gilmore, Craw Daddy, Tenderfoot, Flounder, Fanny Pack

Q: Sludge


Mosey to the car rider line for warmarama.


ABE’S Dean Style

Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods (little circles frontwards, big circles backwards)


Moseyed to the car rider benches.

The Thang

Traveling derkins with bear crawl from bench to bench. (New Name for the exercise is Shin busters. Special Ed said that will leave a mark)


While the pax is waiting their turn they will do Frank N Dans (Frankinsteins with the squat of a lt. Dan)

After the pax is finished with their turn they will do Frank N Dans until the 6 finishes.


Mosey to new shelter.


You will perform all the exercises in order but do the 1st exercise on the list then run to the next shelter.  Same thing at 2nd and 3rd shelter then back to shelter #1 to start exercise number 2 at each shelter.  We will keep going to time is called.  We will travel on the paved running paths clock wise.



New Shelter #1

Qty 15 IC

Pretzel Crunches each side

Cindy Crawfords each side


Crab Cakes

American Hammers


Shelter #2

Qty 15 IC

Shoulder Taps

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks

Peter Parkers

Parker Peters


Shelter #3

Qty 15 IC

Worst Merkins Ever

Dips, Dirkins, Irkins

Step ups


Monkey Humpers

Nice job to Kay for getting them all done.  We ran a little over 2 miles this morning.  nice job by the Pax.


Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Chippers Father is at Home recovering
  2. The young girl who broke both wrist


Gilmore led us out.

It is always an honor to lead this group.