Pain in the Park – The Millennial Beat Down

F3 Workout 11/25/17, 06:30.

Oh my word, where to begin…

Early morning drama:
As the Pax gathered, a suspicious character approached from the gloom.  At first pass, the Pax thought we were under attack from a rouge Pirate.  As things grew more serious and through the darkness, Dr. Evil appeared (wearing his new mobility device) and in an emotionally charged moment, Dr. Evil revealed to the Pax that he is now “identifying” as Tiny Tim from Dickens, A Christmas Carol.

Image result for charles dickens tiny tim

To get the full mental picture you have to see (the now identifying as “Tiny Tim”) in his new “mobility device.”  If I only had a picture…..

9 in the Pax – Blue Hen, Radar, Gilmore, Crank Bait, Fortran, Sludge, Kay, Dr. Evil (against doctors orders), and Checkbook, the QIC.

Mosey to the basketball court.

Abe Vigodas (15) IC
SSHs (15) IC
Seam Rippers (15) IC
Goofballs (15) IC
Imperial Walkers (15) IC

Remaining at the basketball court, The Millennial Beat Down began:
10 stations of alternating arm, leg and ab exercises.  100 reps of each.  1,000 total reps.  Thus the “Millennial.”
1. Merkins
2. Box Cutters
3. Copper Head Squats
4. Plank Shoulder Taps
5. Low Flutters
6. Lunges
7. Carolina Dry Docks
8. Dying Cockroaches
9. Lt. Dans
10. Chinook Squats

Worthy of note:
Tiny Tim performed his own little sub-workout parallel to the Pax.  Heavy on upper body work, it actually was quite impressive…and more than a little scary.
Sludge, Kay and a couple others joined Tiny Tim in his sub-workout as they waited for the 6’s to come in.
Gilmore took the opportunity of an early finish to perform community service in the form of road side clean-up.  Always a giver, that Gilmore is.

Also worthy of note:
In the ultimate example of “modifying-up”, Kay and Sludge began to bear crawl the full 12 feet between the stations.  Feel the burn, right?  But then again, no one else did it.

Howling Monkeys
Gas Pumps – much mumblechatter as you might expect
Cindy Crawfords (15) each side IC
American Hammers (25)

Announcements went straight to prayer requests and praises:
Nicolette family who’s daughter broke both wrists in a fall.
Toto – Kay asked for letters of encouragement to the family who continues to deal with the challenges of transitioning to a foreign land.  I’ve never met Toto, but have a ton of respect for the guy based solely off the comments I’ve heard from the men of F3.
Alpo – who reported through Sludge that after a difficult start, the relocation is now producing more good days than bad.
And Calvin, who Blue Hen reports is doing well.

Sludge took us out…

It was a honor to lead my F3 brothers in Christ on this weekend reserved for giving thanks.

Godspeed, gentlemen.