Black Friday Backblast – 11/24/2017

Pax:  Blue Hen, Lucky Charms, CheckBook, FloRIDA, Kay, Deliverance, REDDEST of HOT, Tarde, Tramp Stamp, Fortran, Crankbait, Pacer, and the virgin Q himself FANNY PACK!

11 gathered at 6:30 for the workout and with no FNGs we moseyed up to the circle for our warm-up.  With my glasses left in the car I am not 100% positive who showed up during the warm-o-rama but I think it was FLO-RIDA and Pacer and Tarde was actually on time, could that be right?

Going with the K.I.S.S. principle, I did not try to find anything new to introduce in the Q and went with the tried and true SSH x 15;  10 Abe Vigoda, 10 Cotton Pickers (Dean will be glad to know that someone mentioned Seam Rippers in his honor) and 10 forward/reverse Sun Gods.

The workout for the day was S.O.B. which I am sure you all know really stands for Sons of Benjamin right?  Well today it meant Shoulders, Obliques and as Forest Gump likes to say, “Butt-OCKS.”  Three pain stations, 3 teams of 4 and then Pacer on IR acting as manager, encourager and clean up crew (thanks for grabbing the sheets for me!!)

(S)houlders station, where the S was later renamed as the SUCK station!!?  Pick your poison with a list of suggestions to include:  Carolina Drydocks, Dips, Derkins, Balls to the Wall, Merkins and variations as desired.  My apologies to Blue Hen for forgetting to check in and leave him BTTW for an extra 30 seconds or so, but his form was awe inspiring.

(O)liques station, WWI situps, Plank, Back Plank, Plank Jacks, LBCs and then Kay shows us that modify as needed goes TWO ways and created several variations to encourage us all!  Back Plack Jacks, worst LBCs ever, and something about 1 handed sobriety style planks.

(B)utt-OCKS station we started off the fun with Monkey Humpers (Exploding for Kay!?), Lt Dans, Pistol Squats, Thigh Masters, Step Ups (up and down off the 6″ curb so just do them faster right?), Bobby Hurleys and more.

The amount of Mumble Chatter was actually at a minimum, so Dr Evil’s absence was noted for that reason alone.  Perhaps he can wheel the 1 legged scooter around in the future workouts and just offer his verbal “support?”  (Here is a shot of him in his Sunday finest?)

Got to say, when I grow up I want to be Kay…honestly duded HUGE T-claps for modifying UP today.  At one point he bear crawled from O to B at the same speed as I was “running!?”  Who knew that Cheetah Crawl was a thing?

Someone noted that Red Hots’s glasses were so fogged up we were afraid he was going to miss a station and mosey off into Black Friday traffic!!  Way to bring the HEAT!

Finally at 7:20 I started gathering the teams for Mary, but with an added 10 seconds of plank with someone starting the 10 count over at 1, 2, 3… 1, 2 3 about 10 times so we just gave up on making it to 10 and called it.

LBCs apparently stands for something I could not remember at that moment (Laid Back Cockroaches?) x 10.  Finally some mumblechatter asking why the Qs voice was so funny / strained sounding on those counts?  Homer, Marge, Mr Burns and finally American HAMMER time x 15!

A few announcements (Crankbait continuing to gather goods for homeless ministry), prayer requests, folks headed over to the work project, 6 of us met for breakfast at 66 and Crankbait led us out in prayer.

Thank you for being kind to the Q, it was an honor to lead you today!