2017-11-22 Poison Ivey Backblast

F3 Workout – 11/21/2017 at Poison Ivey

24 PAX – Red red red Hot (with huge emphasis…loved it) , Spicoli, Epstein, Radar, Fergie (FNG), Fortran, Tarde, Checkbook, Deliverance, Fannypack, Crawdaddy, Tramp Stamp, Flo Rida, Blue Hen, Gilmore, Kay, Dr. Evil, Kryptonite, Ty-webb, Gisele, Sprinkler, THE Lucky Charm, Sludge, Dean

I’ll start with an apology to Sludge and any other PAX I may have upset. I’m not going to sugar coat it, I was angry and lashed out.  For that I am sorry.

With that in mind, I think it’s important to understand how I approach Q’ing, whether it be right or wrong you all can decide (and vote me off the island if you so choose). I like to try to challenge everyone, whether it be Kay or the 6th, which is often times me.  Point is, it is very difficult to do that in a workout with a large group of people with varying levels of fitness.  Thus, there is always the modify option.  However, if only one person needs a ten count, and no one else does, I try not to do a ten count.  That person can modify and take a ten count.  I don’t believe in least common denominator approach to leadership.  And I will note that I am often the 6th, ie the least common denominator.  I believe our culture is too soft on people, and we need to push each other hard to combat that.  When I Q, I unapologetically do that.  I realize that people, myself included, need to modify and there is no shame in that. And ironically, I think it takes a bigger man to modify a workout to what they can do, than to pretend they can do something they can’t. However, I personally can work on being more gracious and reminding people it’s OK to modify.

Mosey to big Parking Lot – Partner up along the way

30x Side Straddle Hops (Mumblechatter was heard by Q, but not made out…as it is hard enough to accurately count…”sprinkler” type problems…)

16x Gilmores

15x Sun Gods

20x Imperial Walker

15x Copperhead Squat

10x Partner Derkins/Plank


 Travel days!

12 Days of thanksgiving travel – Mountain climbers when finished everytime.

1 – Sprint between Islands down and back

2 – Partner Wheelbarrow race down and back

3 – 50% Down, 100% back 2x between islands

4- Bearpee down

5 – Lunge down and back

6 – Inch Worm down and back (Somehow I missed this one…your loss!)

7 – Bunny Hop down and back

8 – High knees down and back 2x

9 – Butt Kickers down and back 2x

10 – Merkin Walk down and back

11 – Lunge with squat at each line down and back

12 – 5x Monkey Humper at each line down and back

Mosey to park benches – 3 sets of 15 dips, 15 step-ups, 15 dirkins

Q realizes that there is still time left so he makes folks mosey back to parking lot for another 50%/100% sprint and partner wheel barrow partner trip.

“Slow” mosey to Mary’s. In other words, Kay in full sprint, and YHC slowly jogging.


25x LBC

20x Low slow flutter

10x Cyndy Spasms Each Side


20x American Hammer

Announcements – 2 extra tickets to Wake/Duke Game (contact Fortran). Friday morning 6:30 workout, breakfast, than Susan’s house for service project (bring the kitchen sink full of yard equipment).

Oh and Fannypack announced his Q for 11/22/2035 today…so get ready!

Prayer Requests – Gilmore’s daughters friend Katy broke wrists

An Honor to Q,