Preblast: Black Friday 11/24/2017

What:  A VQ by the most stylish of men, FannyPack

When:  Friday, 11/24/2017, gather @6:25 – Kickoff @ 6:30AM with fun until 7:30AM.  That’s right folks, you get to sleep in an extra hour but the cost is an extra 15 minutes of workout!

Where:  4th of July Park

Why:  To celebrate NOT standing in line with the Sad Clowns shopping for the ever illusive biggest of the big screen TV for the cheapest possible price to stare at endlessly as life passes you by.

Who:  The usual suspects

Weather:  The same as it will be for those standing in line outside of Wallyworld, the mall and the line wrapped around the Apple store but with more burpees to keep us warm.  NOAA is calling for clear skies and 32 degrees.

FOLLOWED UP by…. Breakfast at 66 Diner for those who want to get in some extra calories and fellowship too!?


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