Back-blast: Pain in the Park – Oh My Aikin…..

Well I believe those who enjoyed the gloom on Saturday can now finish the Oh My Aikin statement…..the Q sure can! 10 strong came out in force to join the Q for a friendly beatdown. The mumble chatter was in fine form as we gathered and made the short mosey to the b-ball court to begin the warm-up.

*It should be noted that the Q did not come prepared with his weinke, so the exact account of what transpired is questionable. It is highly likely that we did even more than what is written below.

Warm-O-Rama (IC):

SSH X40 (if you weren’t there, you can imagine that chatter based on the #)

Mountain Climber X30

Imperial Walker X20

Sun Gods X10 each direction

Abe Vigoda X5

Cotton Picker X5

Following the warm-up, the Q led tha pax on an extremely short mosey back to the parking lot for one of many enjoyable exercise combinations.

The pax arranged themselves in 2 lines, head to toe in plank position facing the warm-up circle. We proceeded to make our way to the circle via the bear crawl inch worm. The speed of the group was amazing – so fast that we had to omaha. The Q then led the pax to the upper lot behind the school for some fun on the hill.

The Thang: (The mumble chatter would soon diminish with the exception of the random “This sucks” or “I hate the Q” along with the normal issues with basic math. I won’t name names but you can guess.

Partner up (the Q partnered with himself)

1. 100 is the #: P1 runs hills 3X (up backwards of course); P2 completes reverse lunges; swap until 100 lunges are completed combined

2. 200 is the #: P1 bear crawl to parking line (~30-40′) then runs back; P2 completes merkins; swap until 200 are completed combined

3. 300 is the #: P1 frog hops 3 parking spots then runs back; P2 completes gorilla squats; swap until 300 are completed combined

Mosey down to bottom of hill and find a nice grassy area.

4. 400 is the #: P1 completes 10 burpees; P2 completes flutter kicks; swap until 400 flutter kicks are completed combined

Slow mosey to the parking circle to continue the combination fun (many were not pleased as the hope was we would be initiating Mary).

P1 completes 10 Bobby Hurley, 10 Lunge, 10 Squats while P2 completes 5 wide merkins, 5 normal, 5 diamond and 5 Carolina Dry Docks (P2 holds plank until P1 completes). Rinse & Repeat 3X each

Finally we make our way to the b-ball court for some Mary. And with Mary, the mumble chatter slowly emerged once again.

6MOM (IC):

Peter Parker X10

LBCs X 20

Hammers X30

PAX: Checkbook, Kapernick, Sprinkler, FloRida, Kay, Crankbait, Sludge, Fortran, Dr. Evil, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite

COT: Thoughts and prayers for Alpo and Toto; still trying to get something arranged to help Susan Mueller; Nonprofit Tuesday (after Thanksgiving); also trying to potentially arrange something with the Winston-Salem Children’s home

Crankbait led us out

It was an honor as always and look forward to the next opportunity!