Red, White, and Boom 11-13-17

11  Pax members + the Q.  Posted this nice morning to see what Pacer had in store.  Since Pacer is on the DL with a wrist injury.  The Q sheet opened up.  I waited to see how long it would take and our good man FloRida step up last night.  When FloRida pulled in the parking lot I told him I would take the Q since he just ran it on Saturday he was nice enough to oblige.  So, this workout was for Pacer no wrists were required.

Pax: Dr Evil, Check Book, Fortran, Deliverance, Gilmore, Epstein, FloRida, Gilmore, Dean, Red Hot, Spicoli.


Q: Sludge


Mosey to the circle for warmarama after being called out that it was 5:30.


ABE’S Dean Style

Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods (little circles frontwards, big circles backwards)


Moseyed to the Parking lot behind the school since it had rained most of the night the Q thought hey let’s stay dry this morning.


As we came up to the bottom of the parking lot to give instruction all you heard was a big splash and the Dr. Evil laughing.  FloRida now has one wet shoe.


The Thang


Exploding Lt. Dan’s at the bottom of the parking lot near the dumpsters total qty 10’s (then run to top of parking lot to the black line).


10 LBC IC and then 10 WWI’s at the black line run to bottom or parking. (Congrats to Gilmore for doing a 100WWI’s each set)


We were going to do these 10 times but the Q called


We changed exercises Same Format same quantities at the bottom was 10 orangutan squats, and at the top was 10 LBC’s IC and ab exercise of your choice qty 10 run back and forth between each set.

A Stroking FloRida Doing Orangutan Squats

Moseyed to the warm up circle for Mary



Pretzel Crunches

Cindy Crawford’s

Pike Ups

American Hammers

Prayer Request and Praises

  1. Chippers Father
  2. Check books oldest daughter Wednesday outpatient procedure

There were talks this weekend at Kay’s slumber party to do a Tuesday Morning 5:30am bible study.  More info to come.

Please reach out to someone you have not seen and keep asking those who don’t know about F3 to come experience a powerful thing.

Fortran led us out.

It is a wonderful honor to lead this group.



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