Pain in the Park Pre-Blast Saturday November 11

Who:  The Left Behinds.

Couldn’t get a date for the Single Men’s Chorus Retreat this weekend?  Not to worry.  Plenty of opportunities for all three Fs, plus the fourth F – FOOD early Saturday morning, right here in Kernersville.  No need to pack linens or shop for condiments, and you’ll be finished in time to go home and blow some leaves.

What:  The usual Boot Camp frolic.  33% more because it’s Saturday.

When:  6:30 am.  Bring a friend.

Weather:  Frosty.  Cover your flowers.

Coffeeteria to follow at First Presbyterian Church on Oakhurst Street.  Pancakes and Sausage for $6 at their Fall fundraiser.  Proceeds to local outreach.



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