2017-11-10 Flash Bang Backblast – Short Attention Span!

F3 Workout – 11/09/2017 at Flashbang Friday

The mumblechatter began early as the PAX did not like to see frozen concrete cylinders of destruction. YHC, also without a watch, asked for someone to assist him.  Flo-rida informed me that he would have a watch tomorrow, when he, a responsible Q, was going to lead the PAX.  My question is, will he also bring flow-charts to explain the workout?  But Sludge graciously informed the Q of time.


19 PAX – Epstein, Gisele, Flo-rida, Spicoli, Kapernick, Tenderfoot, Blue Hen, Check Book, Far Side, Sludge, Flounder, Hardy, Tramp Stamp, Red Hot, Fortran, Dr. Evil, Gilmore, Kay, Dean (Q)

25x Mountain Climber (Not side straddle hops…the PAX was seemingly confused and frustrated by the mix-up)

16x Gilmores

25x Prophet of the Sun Gods (Start with bicep position) Not sure of the actual name of this

25x Copperhead Squat (Dr. Evil mimicked Dean’s typical form of no hands on the head)

12x Toy Soldier (PAX nearly voted Q off the island for not calling them frankentsteins)

5:40 Thang “Best of”

Mosey to the lines – “Bear Crawl Up” with Cylinders. This was surprisingly fun, and I believe it was Hardy or Tramp Stamp who commented that it was like we were dogs chasing a stick.


Shuffle Drill on the lines (With the concrete cylinders)

Merkin Crawl on the lines (This was wildly unpopular and YHC hands kept slipping on the painted lines).

Go to Track – 10x Pull-up Run a lap, then 10x Pull-up and run another lap

Go to Bus Shelter 11s with Dips at top Squats at Bottom

Mosey back to B-ball court


25x LBC

25x Low slow flutter

Homer and Marge

15x American Hammer (Far Side on the count…well done)

Then 22x Merkin in honor of Vet’s day

Announcements – No room at the Kay Inn…Gisele made an announcement regarding something on the 18th from 6-8.

Prayer Requests – None spoken.

Far side took us out.

Random Musings – Deliverance, usually the most mumblechatter of all PAX was noticeably absent.

Some former F3’er named Fergie was discussed. He was basically trashed for not coming anymore.  YHC thinks he should be more like Doogie and show up…Although, with Doogie wearing sweat pants and long sleeves in July, it’s hard to imagine what he would have to wear to be comfortable in the gloom in November.

And Welcome back Far Side!

The Q with the best form,


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